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Ten Chinese Marine surveillance ships and two Chinese fishery administration ships have arrived in waters near the Diaoyu Islands, with two more China fishery administration ships on the way.10艘中国海监船与2艘渔政船已经抵达钓鱼岛附近海域,另有超过2艘中国渔政船正在开往钓鱼岛海域途中。The twelve Chinese ships carried out law enforcement, fishing, and patrol activities in waters around the area on Tuesday. Japan#39;s patrol ships closely followed, but no action was taken. As fishing season begins, more China#39;s fishery ships are expected to fish in waters surrounding the Diaoyu Islands.周二,这12艘中国船只在钓鱼岛附近海域进行正常合法的捕钓和巡航活动。日方巡逻船只紧随我船只后,但是并未采取任何行为。随着渔期的开始,更多中国渔船有望在钓鱼岛海域附近作业。Fisherman will continue to be protected by China#39;s fishery administration ships in the area.Japan#39;s media reported that Japan#39;s Coast Guard has assembled many patrol ships, and tightened watch in waters near the Diaoyu Islands.中国渔政船将继续保护附近渔民的作业。日方媒体报道称日本海岸警卫队已经集结多艘巡逻船并加紧对钓鱼岛附近海域的巡视。 Article/201209/200689。

  • Babies areborn withginger fur叶猴宝宝裹着姜黄色的毛发出生which gradually turns black from the tail end这些毛发随着生长逐渐从尾部开始变成黑色Young infants have a vise-like grip叶猴宝宝虎钳般的爪used forcling on to mom for dare life帮助他们附着在妈妈身上以保安全As they get older随着年龄的增长they get bolder andtake more risks他们越发胆大,并开始常识更多刺激Those have survive spend a lot of time travelling这些是经历诸多冒险后的幸存者Yet experienced adults know exactly where to find seasonal food尽管经验丰富的成年叶猴深知in different parts of their range到守备范围内不同区域的哪里去寻觅当季的食物In such steep terrain在如此陡峭的地带travel involves a high level of climbing skill旅途顺利包含了高超的攀爬技巧These monkeys are spectacularly good rock climbers from the time they learnt to walk这些猴子打会走路起就是卓越的攀岩专家In langur society叶猴族群femalesrule the roost是母系社会andtake the leadwhen the family is on the move并且是举家迁徙的领队人物 /201207/191410。
  • 【视频欣赏】(视频受网速和浏览器影响,如果暂时没看到,请亲们耐心等待或换个浏览器(最好换成IE)试试哦!)【听力文本】How To Learn the Basics Of IkebanaIkebana, or the Japanese art of flower arrangement, takes years of study to master, but some of the basic principles can be appreciated without formal study.You Will NeedPlant materials Container Viewing position Step 1: Layer the flower arrangement(将花分层摆放好)Layer the flower arrangement. The uppermost layer of the arrangement should point to the sky; the middle layer addresses man, and the lowest layer, earth.Ikebana strives for harmony with nature. In keeping with the natural order, a plant found in the mountains should never be placed lower in the arrangement than one found in a meadow.Step 2: Aim for balance(搭配好,找到合适的容器)Strive to achieve balance between all elements of the arrangement, including the container.There are many schools of ikebana, each with a preferred style of arrangement. Some use tall vases and vertical lines, others use upright arrangements, and still others use shallow containers.Step 3: Use asymmetry(运用不对称)Keep the flower arrangement asymmetrical. Use an odd number of branches with varying stem lengths.Step 4: Consider how the arrangement will be viewed(从不同的角度观看一下花的摆放效果)Consider how the arrangement will be viewed. Traditionally the arrangement was viewed only from the front, but now ikebana arrangements are viewed from different positions.Did you know? Chinese monks in the sixth century C.E. brought the concept of flower arranging to Japan. Article/201004/102652。
  • TEXT:They retreat along an ancient Native American path that will later be known as Broadway. September 20th. New York, now in British hands, burns. No one knows who starts the fire... but over two days it destroys a quarter of the city. It gives you a sense of the people who wanted to be free, how much they were willing to endure. The city being burned, the city being occupied.Gives you a sense of how much they wanted freedom. More than 3,000 Patriot POWs are thrown into prison ships in New York Harbor. The most notorious is the HMS Jersey, nicknamed ;Hell.; One prisoner, Robert Sheffield, escaped to tell the tale. The air was so foul that at times a lamp could not be kept burning, by reason of which the bodies were not missed until they had been dead ten days. Nine in ten prisoners die. There is a memorial over in Brooklyn to those that died on British prison ships in New York Harbor. Thousands of Americans. Over the course of the war, 12,000 Patriot POWs will die in the prison ships, three times more than are killed in battle. The loss of New York is Washington#39;s first defeat as commander in chief. The overwhelming British force crushes the Rebel Army. Washington#39;s only hope now rests hundreds of miles inland, with men the British know nothing about. A new type of soldier with new weapons...and new rules of war. Let#39;s go kill us some redcoats.参考译文:他们沿着一条原住民的小道撤退,这条小道便是日后的百老汇大道。9月20日,纽约落入英国人的掌控中,一片火海,没人知道谁放了这把火,但两天后纽约的四分之一被这场大火焚毁。 鲁道夫·W·朱利安尼[前纽约市市长]:“这次溃败让大家看到,为了争取自由人民愿意付出怎样的代价,整座城市被焚毁被占领也吓不退人民争取自由的决心。”3000余战俘被关进停靠在纽约港的囚船中,最臭名昭著的是被称为;地狱;的泽西皇家舰队监狱。一个名叫罗伯特·谢菲尔德的战俘逃出道出了实情,空气阴湿腐臭,有时甚至难以点着油灯,有这种气味是因为除非死了十天以上尸体才会被拖走,九成的战俘相继死去。 迈克尔·R·彭[纽约市市长]:“布鲁克林有一个纪念馆,纪念在纽约港英军船监中牺牲的数千名烈士,在整场战争中12000余名战俘在此牺牲,数量是战死疆场烈士的三倍。纽约失守让身为总司令的华盛顿第一次尝到了败北的滋味,势不可挡的英国军队完败革命军。华盛顿目前唯一的希望是撤退到数百英里的内陆,一片英国人一无所知的土地。在这里,有新的士兵,新型武器与新的作战方法,去杀几个英国兵消遣一下。《美国简史》系本纪录片历史背景背景知识:华盛顿 异人也(下)  (三)合众国的首任总统  虽然华盛顿在弗农山庄悄然隐居下来,脱离了喧嚣的政坛,但实际上却一直忧心忡忡地关注着新生的美利坚合众国。不久,他的平静生活被打破了,此时的美国中央政府非常虚弱,无法有效承担管理国家的责任。为此,美国的开国元勋们开始着手制订一部新的强有力的联邦宪法。美国民众要求他重新出山担任公职,他不得不再次与他心爱的弗农山庄暂时告别。在1787年的制宪会议上,华盛顿被选为会议的主席主持会议,在会议上,华盛顿竭尽全力用自己的威望和影响力,为代表们之间的相互沟通创造气氛,起到了平衡和协调的作用。  在1789年2月举行的总统选举中,华盛顿众望所归,最后以全票当选为美利坚合众国第一届总统。获悉自己当选总统后,华盛顿表示:;我将下定决心,别无他顾,竭尽全力为民效力,以期能在适当的时机尽早解除这一职务,使我再次隐退,以便在惊涛骇浪之后,度过平静的晚年,以享天伦之乐。;  1789年至1797年,华盛顿在两度担任美国总统期间,美国政府形成了规范的内阁制,确立了宪法的权威,经济上恢复了国家信用,外交上通过了与英国签订的《杰伊条约》,保全了美国领土的完整。总统任期届满后,华盛顿又回到弗吉尼亚州的弗农山庄,再次过起退隐的生活。美国国会曾邀请他出任第三任总统,但被他一口谢绝。  1799年12月15日,一代伟人华盛顿在家乡病逝。他去世的消息传来后,举国哀痛,当时正在开会的国会休会一天,昔日的敌人英国也为他的逝世鸣礼炮20响致哀。在12月24日举行的追悼会上,他生前的属下亨利·李致悼词,悼词的一段话后成为家喻户晓的名句:;他在建立战功方面是独一无二的,他在和平建设方面的政绩是独一无二的,他受人民怀念之深是独一无二的,他是一位举世无双的伟人。;  为了纪念他的功绩,美国国会在1791年决定,于大西洋岸的波托马克河畔建立一个新的首都,取名;华盛顿;。1800年,新都建成后,政府所在地就从费城迁到华盛顿城。。
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