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地点:钱德勒与乔伊公寓人物:钱德勒,乔伊,莫妮卡事件:莫妮卡和钱德勒发现瑞秋和菲比知道了他们之间的情事Chandler: Phoebe knows about us!钱德勒:菲比知道我们的事了!Joey: Well I didnt tell them!乔伊:不是我告诉她们的!Monica: Them? Who them?莫妮卡:他们?“他们”是谁?Joey: Uhhh, Phoebe and Joey.乔伊:那个,菲比和乔伊Monica: Joey!莫妮卡:乔伊!Joey: And Rachel. I wouldve told you but they made me promise not to tell!乔伊:还有瑞秋我本来想告诉你们的,但是他们让我发誓不能说!Chandler: Oh man!钱德勒:我的天啊!Joey: Im sorry! But hey, it over now, right? Because you can tell them that you know they know and I can go back to knowing absolutely nothing!乔伊:对不起!但是,嘿,现在已经结束了,是吧?因为你们可以告诉他们你们知道他们知道了,然后我也用不着守什么秘密了!Monica: Unless...莫妮卡:除非……Joey: No! Not unless! Look this must end now!乔伊:别!没有什么除非!这件事现在就得结束!Monica: Oh man, they think they are so slick messing with us! But see they dont know that we know that they know! So...莫妮卡:哦,天啊,她们还以为自己多聪明呢,还想耍我们!但是现在他们不知道咱们知道他们知道了!所以……Chandler: Ahh yes, the messers become the messees!钱德勒:哦,没错!整人的现在变成被整的了! 67

  点击此处收看MV第一次世界大战期间,回国度假的陆军中尉罗伊(罗伯特·泰勒)在滑铁卢桥上邂逅了舞蹈演员玛拉(费雯·丽),两人彼此倾心,爱情迅速升温就在两人决定结婚之时,罗伊应招回营地,两人被迫分离由于错过剧团演出,玛拉被开除,只能和好友相依为命  不久玛拉得知罗伊阵亡的消息,几欲崩溃,备受打击失去爱情的玛拉感到一切都失去了意义,为了生存,她和好友不得不沦为然而命运弄人,就在此时玛拉竟然再次遇到了罗伊虽然为罗伊的生还兴奋不已,玛拉却因自己的失身陷入痛苦之中  感到一切难以挽回的玛拉潸然离开,独自来到两人最初相遇的地点——滑铁卢桥上…Auld lang syne友谊地久天长should auld acquaintance be got,and never brought to mind?should auld acquaintance be got, the sake of auld lang syne.if you ever change your mind,but i living, living me behind,oh bring it to me, bring me your sweet loving,bring it home to me.bring it home to me.yeah~ yeah~lt;waterloon bridge gt;a good love story with this beautiful sound trackit‘s my favorit.thank you download .i wanna be your friend,please add me !:)i‘ll give you jewelry and money too.that‘ s all all i‘ll do you.darling you know i laughed when you left,but now i know that i only hurt myself.please bring it to me,bring your sweet sweet love,bring it home to me, bring it home to me. auld lang syne my dear, auld lang syne,we‘ll take a cup of kindness yet the sake of auld lang syne.. 93

  Little Joy有一种难得的随性好像他们的诞生,三人相遇于一个名叫little joy的小酒馆,发生了类似一拍即合的故事,或者源自一句玩笑话,就把三个背景完全不同的人拉进一个乐队随即开始的旅行,更是从里斯本走到洛杉矶,最后回到大都市的纽约音乐中没有那种从火车上眺望远方的惬意,反而好像躺在铺满稻草的马车上仰望天空,有一种粗糙的乐趣说是乡村生活却也不尽然,走得要更远,喜怒哀乐要更加分明,又或者站在此处心却早已飘到他处,这样的感觉 人连主唱都不固定,正是随意到这样的一个乐队,专辑的整体感却很强衔接流畅,比作一个故事的话也很有趣,从头到尾闪着低调且优秀的光芒Only when the goal is unattainabledo I start to feel like I'm losing myselfand this deep secretthat hasn't come out yetis buried down deep with the restI can't coerce you into this oneJealousy lay all your spells to bedI'll choose unloved insteadIf only songs were sungto guide the doubtful onesbeyond the roughwhere not as much is good enoughOh, if you find yourselfamongst the lonely onesI'll be waiting here with open armsI can't coerce you into this oneJealousy lay all your spells to bedI'll choose unloved instead 19。


  听力原文:Facebook脸书Imperial ambitions帝国的野心Mark Zuckerberg prepares to fight dominance of the next era of computing 为了统治下一个时代的信息计算,马克扎克伯格正在积极备战NOT since the era of imperial Rome has the “thumbs-up” sign been such a potent and public symbol of power. A mere years after it was founded, Facebook is a great empire with a vast population, immense wealth, a charismatic leader, and mind-boggling reach and influence. The world’s largest social network has 1.6 billion users, a billion of whom use it every day an average of over minutes each. In the Western world, Facebook s the largest share of the most popular activity (social networking) on the most widely used computing devices (smartphones); its various apps 30% of mobile internet use by Americans. And it is the sixth-most-valuable public company on Earth, worth some billion. 重点词汇:1 thumbs-updown 翘拇指(表示接受或成功);拇指向下(表示拒绝或不成功) potent 有强效的;有力的;烈性的;影响身心的3 mere 仅仅的;只不过 charismatic 有超凡魅力的;有号召力(或感召力)的5 mind-boggling 难以想象的;难以理解的;令人惊愕的听力原文:Even so, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s 31-year-old founder and chief executive, has even greater ambitions . He has plans to connect the digitally unconnected in poor countries by beaming internet signals from solar-powered drones, and is making big bets on artificial intelligence (AI), “chatbots” and virtual reality (VR). This bid dominance will bring him into increasing conflict with the other great empires of the technology world, and Google in particular. The ensuing battle will shape the digital future everyone.重点词汇:1 beam 发射(电波);播送 solar 太阳能的3 drone an aircraft without a pilot, controlled from the ground 无人驾驶飞机 ensue 接着发生;因而产生 听力原文:Empires built on data Facebook has prospered by building compelling services that attract large audiences, whose attention can then be sold to advertisers. The same is true of Google. The two play different roles in their users’ lives: Google has masses of data about the world, whereas Facebook knows about you and your friends; you go to Google to get things done, but turn to Facebook when you have time to kill. Yet their positions of dominance and their strategies are becoming remarkably similar. Unparalleled troves of data make both firms difficult to challenge and immensely profitable, giving them the wealth to make bold bets and to deal with potential competitors by buying them. And both firms crave more users and more data—which, all the do-gooding rhetoric, explains why they are both so interested in extending internet access in the developing world, using drones or, in Google’s case, giant balloons. 重点词汇:1 prosper 繁荣;兴旺;成功;发达 compelling 非常强烈的;不可抗拒的3 unparalleled 无比的;无双的;空前的;绝无仅有的 trove发掘出来的金银财宝;5 crave 渴望;热望6 do-gooding (对某人)有好处,有用处,有益;帮助7 rhetoric 华而不实的言语;花言巧语听力原文:The task is to harness data to offer new services and make money in new ways. Facebook’s bet on AI is a recognition that “machine learning”—in which software learns by crunching data, rather than having to be explicitly programmed—is a big part of the answer. It aly uses AI techniques to identify people in photos, example, and to decide which status updates and ads to show to each user. Facebook is also pushing into AI-powered digital assistants and chatbot programs which interact with users via short messages. Next week it is expected to open up its Messenger service (which can aly be used to do things like order an Uber car), to broaden the range of chatbots. And Facebook’s investment in VR—it bought Oculus, the cheerleader of this emerging field, $ billion in —is a bold guess about where computing and communication will go after the smartphone.重点词汇:1 harness 控制,利用(以产生能量等) recognition *认出;认识;识别 *承认;认可;* 赞誉;赏识;奖赏3 cheerleader(某一政治家、某种观点或做法等的)持者,摇旗呐喊者 Oculus 眼听力原文:But Facebook faces rivals in all these areas. Google is using AI techniques to improve its internet services and guide self-driving cars, and other industry giants are also investing heavily in AI—though with the deepest pockets and the most data to crunch, Facebook and Google can attract the best researchers and most promising startups. Facebook lags behind Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft when it comes to voice-driven personal assistants; when it comes to chatbots, it faces competition from Microsoft and a host of startups eager to prove that bots are the new apps, And its push into VR—which Mr Zuckerberg sees as a stepping stone to “augmented reality” (AR), where inmation is superimposed on the real world—pits it against midable rivals, too. Microsoft has jumped straight to AR with its HoloLens headset, its most impressive product in years, and Google, aly active in VR, has invested in Magic Leap, a little-known AR startup. 重点词汇:1 a host of 许多 一大群; augment 增加;提高;扩大3 superimpose 使(图像甲)叠映在(图像乙)上 pit 使…表面有斑点;在…上打洞 pit sbsth against sth 使竞争;使较量;使经受考验5 hololens 全息[光]透镜;6 deepest pockets 最深的陷阱7 midable 可怕的;令人敬畏的;难对付的 欢迎关注荔枝主播凤梨君 FM18550欢迎关注主播凤梨君 微信号fenglisama 6851讲解:Today key word is Obesity.Obesity 肥胖,肥胖症Obesity is a medical condition in which excess (额外的) body fat has reached the level that it may have a negative effect on health.Here an example:Sugar and fat can more easily lead to obesity than some other foods.糖和脂肪比其他食物更容易导致肥胖.In Western countries, people are considered obese when their body mass index or BMI exceeds 30 kgm.Some East Asian countries use stricter criteria. BMI is a measurement obtained by dividing a person weight by the square of the person height, 体质指数(BMI)体重(kg)÷身高^(m)Commonly accepted BMI ranges are Underweight: under 18.5, Normal weight: 18.5 to 5, Overweight: 5 to 30, Obese: over 30.Now let’s learn the word in the news.A recent report concluded that grandparents are a significant factor in the growing level of childhood obesity in China. They tend to over feed youngsters in their care and excuse them from taking part in physical exercise.讨论:近期,一项调查报告指出中国儿童肥胖率增加的重要原因是爷爷奶奶和姥姥姥爷他们认为,老人照看小孩时让孩子吃得太多,运动太少不止是儿童,成年人的肥胖率也逐年上升不仅仅中国,欧美国家也存在此类问题你对自己的身材满意吗?有用过什么有效的减肥方法吗?分享一下吧! 37875


  Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻My Baby Swallowed a Bullet我的宝宝吞了一颗子弹Young Mother: ;Doctor, my baby swallowd a bullet. What shall I do ?年轻的妈妈:“医生,我的宝宝吞下了一颗子弹我该怎么办?”Doctor: ;Dont point him at anybody.;医生:“别把他瞄准任何人”Notes:1.swallowvt.amp; vi.吞,咽;忍耐,忍受vt.不流露;lt;口gt;忍受,轻信n.[鸟]燕子;胃管,食道;一次吞咽的量;(滑车等的)通索孔eg.One swallow does not make a summer.[谚]一燕不成夏; 不可凭偶然现象而推断Chew your food well bee you swallow it.食物在吞咽前要仔细咀嚼He doesnt want his firm to be swallowed up by a transnational giant.他不想自己的公司被一家大型的跨国公司吞并I dont know how I managed to swallow my anger.我不知道怎样才能抑制住我的愤怒.bulletn.子弹,弹药;弹丸;[印]着重号常见搭配:bite (on) the bullet咬紧牙关忍受痛苦; 表现勇敢; 硬着头皮顶下去Every bullet has its billet.[谚]凡事皆由天定; 命中注定get the bullet[俚]使解雇spent bullet强弩之末; 冲力已尽的子弹stop a bullet中弹stray bullet流弹3.pointn.点;要点;得分;标点vt.(意思上)指向;削尖;加标点于;指路vi.表明;指向eg.point at: 对...瞄准A case in point is the recent events.最近的事件就是明A straight line is the shortest distance between two points.直线是两点之间最短的距离A point is inceptive of a line.点是线的开始As opinions vary on that point, no decision can be reached.在那一点上,大家意见纷纷,莫衷一是本节目可可原创节目, 5


  Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻9.IM9.时代的拼写The technology of instant messaginghas taken over my -year-old daughter life.即时通讯技术已经占据我那岁女儿的生活I realized this when I was helping her prepare a spelling test.这一点是我在帮助她准备一次单词拼写测验时意识到的;Celebration; I challenged.;C-E-L-E-B-R-A-S ;;no, wait;当我考她: “Celebration,怎样拼时?”“C-E-L-E-B-R-A-S ... ...不是,等一下”She paused. ;Backspace the S.;她停了一下,说道,“S 得(用退格键)删掉” 80



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