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莱芜妇幼保健院联系电话济南历下妇幼人流济南无痛人流去哪里做好 It#39;s still early days in Argentina这些只是阿根廷的最初发现and Oliver#39;s work may yet yield many new and different avenues of research,Oliver的工作可能还会衍生出许多新的不同的研究内容but aly it is giving us a glimpse of what might have been happening in this mysterious, dark age of the dinosaurs.但它已经使我们窥见了神秘的恐龙黑暗年代中可能发生的事The transformation of the dinosaurs began when the world was ripped apart in the mid-Jurassic.当世界在中侏罗世崩解之时,恐龙也随即发生了剧变As the sea flooded in, dinosaurs became cut off from each other allowing them to evolve separately.由于海洋的入侵,恐龙们被彼此分隔,使得它们开始独自进化。The newly formed continents began to develop new climates.新生大陆发展出了新的气候系统This more varied world offered the dinosaurs a host of new opportunities.这个多变的世界为恐龙提供了许多新的机遇There were habitats to suit dinosaurs of every shape and size各种各样的栖息地适合各种模样和体型的恐龙and it was a world they would go on to rule for almost 100 million years.它们将在这个世界称霸将近1亿年。 Article/201707/516148In the late 17th century, a medical student named Johannes Hofer noticed a strange illness affecting Swiss mercenaries serving abroad.在17世纪末期 一名叫约翰·霍弗尔的医学生发现一种困扰着在海外役的瑞士兵的怪病Its symptoms, including fatigue, insomnia, irregular heartbeat, indigestion,其症状包括 疲惫 失眠 心率不齐 消化不良and fever were so strong, the soldiers often had to be discharged.以及高烧 由于病情太严重 有的士兵必须被迫退役As Hofer discovered, the cause was not some physical disturbance, but an intense yearning for their mountain homeland.霍弗尔研究发现 这些症状不是由一些身体的不适引起的而是因为他们太思念自己的家乡He dubbed the condition nostalgia, from the Greek ;nostos; for homecoming and ;algos; for pain or longing.他称之为乡愁 nostos来源于希腊语回家一词 algos则意为疼痛或渴望At first, nostalgia was considered a particularly Swiss affliction.一开始 乡愁被认定为典型的瑞士病Some doctors proposed that the constant sound of cowbells in the Alps caused trauma to the ear drums and brain.一些医生觉得是阿尔卑斯山上奶牛脖子上的铃声对士兵的耳膜和大脑造成了直接损伤Commanders even forbade their soldiers from singing traditional Swiss songs for fear that they#39;d lead to desertion or suicide.指挥官甚至禁止士兵唱传统的瑞士歌曲担心他们分神或自杀But as migration increased worldwide, nostalgia was observed in various groups.但是随着世界上移民数量的增加 在不同的人群中发现了他们都会有乡愁It turned out that anyone separated from their native place for a long time was vulnerable to nostalgia.事实明 无论是谁只要跟自己的家乡分开很长一段时间就很容易产生乡愁And by the early 20th century, professionals no longer viewed it as a neurological disease,在20世纪初 专家们不再把它看做是一种精神上的疾病but as a mental condition similar to depression.而是把它看做一种类似于抑郁的心理状态Psychologists of the time speculated that it represented difficulties letting go of childhood,那时心理学家猜测乡愁代表着对童年记忆的难以割舍or even a longing to return to one#39;s fetal state.甚至是对婴儿时期的向往But over the next few decades, the understanding of nostalgia changed in two important ways.但是 在接下来的几十年里对乡愁的理解有了两种重要的改变Its meaning expanded from indicating homesickness to a general longing for the past.乡愁的含义将单纯的思乡延伸到对回到过去的一种普遍的渴望And rather than an awful disease, it began to be seen as a poignant and pleasant experience.有别于讨人厌的疾病 乡愁开始被视为一场深刻而愉快的经历Perhaps the most famous example of this was captured by French author Marcel Proust.法国作家马塞尔普鲁斯特在其着作(《追忆似水年华》)中描绘的乡愁可能是最着名的例子吧He described how tasting a madeleine cake he had not eaten since childhood triggered a cascade of warm and powerful sensory associations.他描述了由一块自童年以后再没吃过的玛德琳蛋糕而联想起来的童年里一系列温馨感人的场景So what caused such a major reversal in our view of nostalgia?所以是什么造成了我们对乡愁看法的巨大改变呢Part of it has to do with science.很大一部分原因是科学的发展Psychology shifted away from pure theory and towards more careful and systematic empirical observation.心理学不再是纯理论而是更加谨慎和系统的实观察So professionals realized that many of the negative symptoms may have been simply correlated with nostalgia rather than caused by it.所以专家们意识到很多的消极症状很可能仅仅是与乡愁有关而不是由乡愁导致的And, in fact, despite being a complex emotional state that can include feelings of loss and sadness,事实上 尽管乡愁是一种带有失落和悲伤的复杂情绪状态nostalgia doesn#39;t generally put people in a negative mood.但是 通常乡愁并不会导致消极情绪Instead, by allowing individuals to remember personally meaningful and rewarding experiences相反 通过让人记住有意义的事情they shared with others, nostalgia can boost psychological well-being.以及与他人分享经验乡愁可以促进心理健康Studies have shown that inducing nostalgia in people can help increase their feelings of self-esteem and social belonging,研究表明 怀有乡愁的人更易建立自尊心和社会归属感encourage psychological growth, and even make them act more charitably.以及促进心理的成熟甚至促使他们做更多慈善So rather than being a cause of mental distress, nostalgia can be a restorative way of coping with it.所以与其说乡愁是心理疾病的一种诱因不如说它是应对心理疾病的恢复方式they tend to naturally use nostalgia to reduce distress and restore well-being.他们倾向于通过自然的怀旧来减少痛苦和恢复健康Today, it seems that nostalgia is everywhere,如今 乡愁无处不在partially because advertisers have discovered how powerful it is as a marketing technique.一些原因是广告商们发现利用人们的乡愁作为一种市场营销手段很有用It#39;s tempting to think of this as a sign of us being stuck in the past, but that#39;s not really how nostalgia works.使人们相信这只是人们沉浸于过去无法自拔的一种表现 而不是真的想念家乡了Instead, nostalgia helps us remember that our lives can have meaning and value, helping us find the confidence and motivation to face the challenges of the future.相反乡愁能帮助我们相信生活是有意义和价值的 帮助我们找到自信 给予我们面对未来挑战的积极性 Article/201706/512765济南宫颈息肉治疗费用

济南市二院地址查询济南妇保医院宫颈息肉 That route would not just meander between ponds and trees,但这些路线并非是在池塘树林间漫步but towards classical buildings designed to kindle feelings of virtue and patriotism in their breast.更可走近经典建筑 以点燃人们的高尚情怀和胸中的爱国热忱But sharing all this pastoral graciousness only went so far.但开放庄园也仅限于这些田园风光而已了For the ruling class, their land was now a money pump.对于统治阶层 他们的庄园好似摇钱树Big profit-yielding farms replaced strip farming,and smallholders were turfed off their land.高产种植取代简单种植 小佃农因此失去土地Too bad. Landowners needed all the money they could get to keep up appearances,形势愈发糜烂 权贵不断聚敛财富 以供给他们装点门面not just in the country, but in the town,and above all in the place不仅是在乡下 在城镇中也是这样 而更糟糕的情况则发生在which was the biggest, brashest, fastest-growing city in Europe,London.欧洲面积最大 最繁华且发展最快的都会 伦敦Here, the winners and losers of Walpole#39;s Britain jostled side by side.沃波尔新政的持与反对者 都聚集在伦敦700,000 of them.One in ten Englishmen.城市人口多达七十万 占全英总人口十分之一Foreign visitors were astounded at the noise,the hectic throngs packing the streets,外国游客们被街上嘈杂叫闹声 以及肩接踵的人群所震惊the tireless hucksterism,the glittering greediness of it all.更被商贩的如簧巧舌 和闪闪发光的欲望所吸引The modern morality tales of painter and engraver William Hogarth在画家 雕刻家威廉·霍加斯的现代寓言中are peopled by innocents arriving dewy-fresh from the country.单纯无邪的人们从乡下来到城市 /201705/510181山东煤矿总医院治疗妇科炎症好吗

泰安市男性不育When I was 14 years old, I was interested in science -- fascinated by it, excited to learn about it.十四岁的时候,我对科学产生了兴趣,我痴迷于科学,乐此不疲的学习它。And I had a high school science teacher who would say to the class,可我的高中科学老师却对我们班级说:;The girls don#39;t have to listen to this.; Encouraging, yes.“女孩子们不需要学这个。”真是鼓舞人心。I chose not to listen -- but to that statement alone.我选择不听他的那一句话。So let me take you to the Andes mountains in Chile, 500 kilometers, 300 miles northeast of Santiago.接下来让我带你们看一看位于智利的安第斯山脉,它位于圣地亚哥东北部,绵延上千里。It#39;s very remote, it#39;s very dry and it#39;s very beautiful. And there#39;s not much there.它地处偏远,干涸贫瘠,但却美艳动人。那里人迹罕至There are condors, there are tarantulas, and at night, when the light dims,唯秃鹰与狼蛛相伴。每当入夜,日息之时,it reveals one of the darkest skies on Earth. It#39;s kind of a magic place, the mountain.这里便会出现地球上最暗的天幕之一。这山便仿佛成为魔法之地。It#39;s a wonderful combination of very remote mountaintop with exquisitely sophisticated technology.这里简直就是一块遥远山顶与望远镜技术相结合的宝地And our ancestors, for as long as there#39;s been recorded history,有史以来,我们的祖先就早已经开始仰望星空,have looked at the night sky and pondered the nature of our existence. And we#39;re no exception, our generation.思考人类存在的意义。而我们这一辈人,也不例外。The only difficulty is that the night sky now is blocked by the glare of city lights.而唯一的困难在于现在的夜空都被耀眼的城市之光给挡住了。And so astronomers go to these very remote mountaintops to view and to study the cosmos.于是天文学家们纷纷去往偏远的高山之巅,以观察和探索宇宙的奥秘。So telescopes are our window to the cosmos.所以说,望远镜是我们的宇宙探索之窗。It#39;s no exaggeration to say that the Southern Hemisphere is going to be the future of astronomy for the 21st century.毫不夸张地说,南半球将会成为21世纪天文学的要冲。We have an array of existing telescopes aly, in the Andes mountains in Chile,在智利安第斯山脉,我们已经部署了一组望远镜部队。and that#39;s soon to be joined by a really sensational array of new capability.而且很快,它们将与拥有超高性能的设备构架成一体。There will be two international groups that are going to be building giant telescopes,未来将有两个跨国集团会在此建造大型的望远镜群,sensitive to optical radiation, as our eyes are.它们可如人眼一般对光辐射敏感。There will be a survey telescope that will be scanning the sky every few nights.未来会有一个巡天望远镜,每隔几个晚上,它便会扫描夜空。There will be radio telescopes, sensitive to long-wavelength radio radiation.我们还将有无线电天文望远镜,其可探测到长波无线电辐射。And then there will be telescopes in space. There#39;ll be a successor to the Hubble Space Telescope;然后还有太空望远镜。未来将有一个哈勃太空望远镜的后继者,it#39;s called the James Webb Telescope, and it will be launched in 2018.我们叫它詹姆斯·韦伯望远镜,它将于2018年发射。There#39;ll be a satellite called TESS that will discover planets outside of our solar system.我们还将发射一颗命名为TESS的卫星,它将用于探索太阳系外的行星。For the last decade, I#39;ve been leading a group -- a consortium -- international group,在过去十年里,我领导了一个团队,其实是一个国际财团,to build what will be, when it#39;s finished, the largest optical telescope in existence.建造了一个即将会成为历史上最大的光学望远镜。It#39;s called the Giant Magellan Telescope, or GMT.它叫巨型麦哲伦望远镜,GMT。This telescope is going to have mirrors that are 8.4 meters in diameter -- each of the mirrors.这个望远镜将有直径长达8.4米的镜片组,每片镜子都这么大。That#39;s almost 27 feet. So it dwarfs this stage -- maybe out to the fourth row in this audience.大概27英尺左右。它比这个舞台还要大,大概要到观众席第四排的样子。Each of the seven mirrors in this telescope will be almost 27 feet in diameter.这个望远镜的所有七片镜子,每一片的直径都将达到27英尺。Together, the seven mirrors in this telescope will comprise 80 feet in diameter.七片镜子组合到一起,将使这个望远镜的直径达到80英尺(24米)。So, essentially the size of this entire auditorium.所以,它的整体大小相当于这整个讲堂。The whole telescope will stand about 43 meters high, and again, being in Rio,整个望远镜将有43米高。再形象点说,在里约的话,some of you have been to see the statue of the giant Christ.你们一定见过那个巨型基督像。The scale is comparable in height; in fact, it#39;s smaller than this telescope will be.它大概跟这个望远镜差不多高吧。事实上,它将比望远镜稍矮一点。It#39;s comparable to the size of the Statue of Liberty.而望远镜的大小跟自由女神像差不多。And it#39;s going to be housed in an enclosure that#39;s 22 stories -- 60 meters high.然后它将被包围在一个有22层楼高的外壳内,其可达60米高。But it#39;s an unusual building to protect this telescope.但这个用来保护望远镜的房子比较特别,It will have open windows to the sky, be able to point and look at the sky,为了能够观察和对准天空,它将有开放式的天窗,and it will actually rotate on a base -- 2,000 tons of rotating building.同时这个望远镜将能够旋转观测,其旋转基底重达2000吨。The Giant Magellan Telescope will have 10 times the resolution of the Hubble Space Telescope.巨型麦哲伦望远镜的分辨率将比哈勃空间望远镜强十倍。It will be 20 million times more sensitive than the human eye.其灵敏度是人眼的2000万倍。And it may, for the first time ever, be capable of finding life on planets outside of our solar system.并且它将可能发现太阳系外的行星生命,这将是人类有史以来的第一次。It#39;s going to allow us to look back at the first light in the universe -- literally, the dawn of the cosmos. The cosmic dawn.它将使我们观测到宇宙的第一道光,正如字面意义所说,就是宇宙的曙光,宇宙之初。It#39;s a telescope that#39;s going to allow us to peer back,这个望远镜能让我们回望宇宙,witness galaxies as they were when they were actually assembling,让我们见星系衍生的过程,the first black holes in the universe, the first galaxies.看到第一个黑洞和第一个星系。Now, for thousands of years, we have been studying the cosmos, we#39;ve been wondering about our place in the universe.到现在为止,我们研究宇宙已经有好几千年了,我们一直想知道我们位于宇宙何方。The ancient Greeks told us that the Earth was the center of the universe.古希腊人曾说,地球是宇宙的中心。Five hundred years ago, Copernicus displaced the Earth, and put the Sun at the heart of the cosmos.五百多年前,哥白尼推翻了它,而视太阳为宇宙的中心。And as we#39;ve learned over the centuries, since Galileo Galilei, the Italian scientist,然后随着几个世纪的研究,自从意大利科学家伽利略first turned, in that time, a two-inch, very small telescope, to the sky,开始从他第一次把一个直径两英寸的小型望远镜指向天空开始,every time we have built larger telescopes, we have learned something about the universe;每当我们造出更大的望远镜,我们就对宇宙多了解一分,we#39;ve made discoveries, without exception.无一例外,我们都有新发现。We#39;ve learned in the 20th century that the universe is expanding20世纪的时候,我们发现宇宙在膨胀,and that our own solar system is not at the center of that expansion.并发现我们的太阳系并不处于膨胀中心。We know now that the universe is made of about 100 billion galaxies that are visible to us,现在我们知道了宇宙有大约1000亿个星系,这仅仅是我们可探测到的。and each one of those galaxies has 100 billion stars within it.而每一个星系中都有约1000亿颗恒星。So we#39;re looking now at the deepest image of the cosmos that#39;s ever been taken.我们正在看的是目前为止拍摄到的最远的宇宙照片。It was taken using the Hubble Space Telescope,这是用哈勃望远镜拍下的,and by pointing the telescope at what was previously a blank region of sky, before the launch of Hubble.拍摄当时把它指向了在它发射之前太空中的一块空白区。And if you can imagine this tiny area, it#39;s only one-fiftieth of the size of the full moon.然后你可以想象一下它的面积,它只有满月的五十分之一的大小。So, if you can imagine the full moon. And there are now 10,000 galaxies visible within that image.如果你能想象出满月的话,而在那张影像里可观测到的星系就有一万个。And the faintness of those images and the tiny size而他们看起来那么微弱渺小is only a result of the fact that those galaxies are so far away, the vast distances.只是因为这些星系离我们太远太远了。And each of those galaxies may contain within it a few billion or even hundreds of billions of individual stars.然后在每一个星系里,都有数十亿甚至上千亿颗恒星。Telescopes are like time machines. So the farther back we look in space, the further back we see in time.望远镜就像时光机器一样。我们在太空里看得有多远,就是多遥远的过去。And they#39;re like light buckets -- literally, they collect light.它们也像是光篮子一样,意思是,它们搜集光。So larger the bucket, the larger the mirror we have, the more light we can see, and the farther back we can view.越大的镜片就相当于越大的篮子,就有越多的光被我们采集到,然后看到越远的过去。So, we#39;ve learned in the last century that there are exotic objects in the universe -- black holes.接着,我们在上个世纪发现了宇宙中有种奇异的东西--黑洞。We#39;ve even learned that there#39;s dark matter and dark energy that we can#39;t see.我们也得知了暗物质和暗能量的存在,这些东西是肉眼不可见。So you#39;re looking now at an actual image of dark matter.所以,你们现在正在看的就是一团暗物质。You got it. Not all audiences get that.你们懂的。不是所有的听众都懂这点哦。So the way we infer the presence of dark matter -- we can#39;t see it -- but there#39;s an unmistakable tug, due to gravity.所以,尽管暗物质不可见,我们还是通过重力作用产生的显而易见的拖曳发现了它们。We now can look out, we see this sea of galaxies in a universe that#39;s expanding.再看看别的,这是位于一个膨胀宇宙中的星际海洋。What I do myself is to measure the expansion of the universe,我所做的是观测记录宇宙的膨胀。and one of the projects that I carried out in the 1990s在上世纪90年代我所带领的项目中,used the Hubble Space Telescope to measure how fast the universe is expanding.有一项就是通过哈勃望远镜来测量宇宙膨胀速度。We can now trace back to 14 billion years.我们现在可以追溯回140亿年前了。We#39;ve learned over time that stars have individual histories;随着研究的进展,我们也看到了恒星们的历史。that is, they have birth, they have middle ages and some of them even have dramatic deaths.它们有出生之时,它们有中年之境,甚至它们中的一些还有如戏剧般的死亡。So the embers from those stars actually then form the new stars that we see,而这些死去的恒星留下的余烬也形成了我们现在看到的新恒星,most of which turn out to have planets going around them.它们中的大多数也都有绕其而转的行星。And one of the really surprising results in the last 20 years过去20年里,最令人惊讶的成果之一就是has been the discovery of other planets going around other stars. These are called exoplanets.其他恒星系中绕日行星的发现。它们被称为外星行星。And until 1995, we didn#39;t even know the existence of any other planets, other than going around our own sun.一直到1995年,我们才知道除了我们太阳系以外,还有其他行星的存在。But now, there are almost 2,000 other planets orbiting other stars that we can now detect, measure masses for.而现在,有将近两千颗外星行星被我们找到,还测量出了它们的质量。There are 500 of those that are multiple-planet systems.其中有500颗还是多行星系统。And there are 4,000 -- and still counting -- other candidates for planets orbiting other stars.有待确定的外星行星还有四千多颗,并且数目还在增长。They come in a bewildering variety of different kinds.它们的种类繁多。There are Jupiter-like planets that are hot, there are other planets that are icy,有些炽热的行星有木星那么大,有一些就像冰球,there are water worlds and there are rocky planets like the Earth, so-called ;super-Earths,;有一些行星充满了水,有一些岩态行星如地球一样,如所谓的“超级地球”,and there have even been planets that have been speculated diamond worlds.还有一些被推测为钻石世界的行星。So we know there#39;s at least one planet, our own Earth, in which there is life.所以我们认识到至少会有一个像我们地球一样的行星,存在着生命。We#39;ve even found planets that are orbiting two stars. That#39;s no longer the province of science fiction.我们甚至发现了绕着两个恒星公转的行星。它们已不再只是科幻小说的内容了。So around our own planet, we know there#39;s life, we#39;ve developed a complex life, we now can question our own origins.接着回到我们地球,这里有着生命,也发展出了复杂的生命结构,所以我们现在可以思考自己的起源。And given all that we#39;ve discovered, the overwhelming numbers now suggest that there may be millions, perhaps考虑到我们所有的探索发现,铺天盖地的数据指出,可能有着近百万,maybe even hundreds of millions -- of other that are close enough甚至近亿万的行星,它们离自己的恒星足够近,just the right distance from their stars that they#39;re orbiting近到拥有恰当的公转距离,to have the existence of liquid water and maybe could potentially support life.以至于拥有了水的存在从而也许可以持生命的存在。So we marvel now at those odds, the overwhelming odds, and the amazing thing is that within the next decade,所以我们感到惊诧,惊诧这些惊人的奇迹,同时令人惊诧的是在未来十年里,the GMT may be able to take spectra of the atmospheres of those planets,GMT或能够拍到这些行星大气表面的光谱,and determine whether or not they have the potential for life.从而确定他们是否有潜在的生命。So, what is the GMT project? It#39;s an international project.那么,什么是GMT项目呢?这是一个国际项目工程。It includes Australia, South Korea, and I#39;m happy to say, being here in Rio, that the newest partner in our telescope is Brazil.参与的国家有澳大利亚,韩国,并且在这里,在里约,我很高兴向大家介绍我们的新成员是巴西。It also includes a number of institutions across the ed States,参与项目的还有一些美国的机构,including Harvard University, the Smithsonian and the Carnegie Institutions,包括有哈佛大学、史密森学会和卡内基学院、and the Universities of Arizona, Chicago, Texas-Austin and Texas Aamp;M University. It also involves Chile.还有亚利桑那州大学、芝加哥大学、德州大学奥斯丁分校和德州农工大学。智利同时也参与其中。So, the making of the mirrors in this telescope is also fascinating in its own right.而望远镜的镜片制造本身就很令人着迷。Take chunks of glass, melt them in a furnace that is itself rotating.取一大块的玻璃,置于一个旋转着的熔炉中熔融。This happens underneath the football stadium at the University of Arizona.这是在亚利桑那州大学橄榄球球场之下进行的。It#39;s tucked away under 52,000 seats. Nobody know it#39;s happening.它隐藏在五万两千张椅子之下,没人知道它的存在。And there#39;s essentially a rotating cauldron.那本来就有一个旋转式大锅。The mirrors are cast and they#39;re cooled very slowly, and then they#39;re polished to an exquisite precision.镜片被浇铸并缓慢冷却,然后极其精细地打磨。And so, if you think about the precision of these mirrors, the bumps on the mirror,你可以想象一下镜子的打磨程度,over the entire 27 feet, amount to less than one-millionth of an inch.整个直径27英尺的镜子,隆起总计不超过百万分之一英寸。So, can you visualize that? Ow!所以,你能想象到么那个样子么?噢!That#39;s one five-thousandths of the width of one of my hairs, over this entire 27 feet.看我的头发,在27英尺的镜片上它只有我的头发粗细的千分之五。It#39;s a spectacular achievement. It#39;s what allows us to have the precision that we will have.这是个惊人的成果。它让我们得以获得我们想要的精度。So, what does that precision buy us?那么,这样的精度会给我们带来什么呢?So the GMT, if you can imagine -- if I were to hold up a coin, which I just happen to have,用GMT的话,你们可以想象一下,如果我举起这枚我刚才碰巧得到的硬币,and I look at the face of that coin, I can see from here the writing on the coin; I can see the face on that coin.我从这个距离看它上面的人脸,我可以看清上面的文字以及肖像。My guess that even in the front row, you can#39;t see that.但我猜即使坐在前排,你们也无法看清这些。But if we were to turn the Giant Magellan Telescope, all 80-feet diameter that we see in this auditorium,但如果我用GMT来看的话,我们在这会堂里用直径80英尺的GMT,and point it 200 miles away, if I were standing in Sao Paulo, we could resolve the face of this coin.把它对准200英里以外,如果我站在圣保罗,大家也依旧可以看清这枚硬币。That#39;s the extraordinary resolution and power of this telescope. And if we were...这就是这个望远镜极其非凡的分辨力和能力,如果我们...If an astronaut went up to the Moon, a quarter of a million miles away, and lit a candle -- a single candle如果一个宇航员去到月球,离这里25万英里开外,然后点起一根蜡烛,就单独一根蜡烛,then we would be able to detect it, using the GMT. Quite extraordinary.我们用GMT也能够发现它。极其非凡的能力。This is a simulated image of a cluster in a nearby galaxy. ;Nearby; is astronomical, it#39;s all relative.这有一张图,这是一个临近星系的一个星团的模拟图像,这个“临近”是天文学概念,相对的概念。It#39;s tens of millions of light-years away. This is what this cluster would look like.其实这离我们有上千万光年之远。这是这个星团的大概样子,So look at those four bright objects, and now lets compare it with a camera on the Hubble Space Telescope.看这四个明亮的物体,现在让我们拿哈勃望远镜上的照相机做一下对比。You can see faint detail that starts to come through.你可以看到模糊的细节,一些行星都显现出来了。And now finally -- and look how dramatic this is -- this is what the GMT will see.最后看这个,看这图有多动人,这是用GMT将能看到的样子。So, keep your eyes on those bright images again.再注意看那几个亮点。This is what we see on one of the most powerful existing telescopes on the Earth,这张是用现有的地球上最强大的望远镜看到的,and this, again, what the GMT will see. Extraordinary precision.然后,这是GMT将能看到的。及其非凡的精准度。So, where are we? We have now leveled the top of the mountaintop in Chile.那么,我们进行到哪一步了呢?我们现在已经把智利的山顶弄平了,We blasted that off. We#39;ve tested and polished the first mirror.我们炸平了它。我们已经调式并抛光好了第一面镜片。We#39;ve cast the second and the third mirrors. And we#39;re about to cast the fourth mirror.我们已经浇铸好了第二和第三面镜片。然后我们即将开始浇铸第四面镜片。We had a series of reviews this year, international panels that came in and reviewed us,今年我们做了一系列的审核,国际座谈小组也已经来过并审核通过了我们,and said, ;You#39;re y to go to construction.;他们说:“你们已经能够开始建造工作了。”And so we plan on building this telescope with the first four mirrors.所以我们在计划用前四面镜片建造起这个望远镜。We want to get on the air quickly, and be taking science data -- what we astronomers call ;first light,; in 2021.我们想尽早完工以能够开始搜集科学数据,即我们天文学家所谓的“第一束光”,预计在2021年实现。And the full telescope will be finished in the middle of the next decade, with all seven mirrors.整个望远镜的组建将在十年的中期完工,七面镜片将悉数完工。So we#39;re now poised to look back at the distant universe, the cosmic dawn.我们平复一下看回到遥远的宇宙去,看看宇宙之初。We#39;ll be able to study other planets in exquisite detail.我们将能够很详尽地研究其他的行星。But for me, one of the most exciting things about building the GMT is但对我而言,最令人激动的关于建造GMT的事情之一,the opportunity to actually discover something that we don#39;t know about莫过于探索事物的机会,探索那些我们不知道的,that we can#39;t even imagine at this point, something completely new.甚至我们根本无法想象的东西,那些全新的世界。And my hope is that with the construction of this and other facilities,而我的希望是通过这些望远镜等设备的帮助,that many young women and men will be inspired to reach for the stars. Thank you very much. Obrigado.年轻人们可以受到鼓舞而去探索那些星星。十分感谢。谢谢!Thank you, Wendy. Stay with me, because I have a question for you. You mentioned different facilities.谢谢你,Wendy!稍等一下,我有一些问题想请教你。你提到了那些不同的设施。So the Magellan Telescope is going up, but also ALMA and others in Chile and elsewhere, including in Hawaii.所以说麦哲伦望远镜正在阿尔玛、智利、以及夏威夷等地方建造着。Is it about cooperation and complementarity, or about competition?它们会涉及合作、互补、或者竞争吗?I know there#39;s competition in terms of funding, but what about the science?我知道有关于经费的竞争,那关于科学方面的内容呢?In terms of the science, they#39;re very complementary.关于科学方面,他们是完全互补互助的。The telescopes that are in space, the telescopes on the ground,不论是空间望远镜、接地望远镜、telescopes with different wavelength capability, telescopes even that are similar, but different instruments探测不同波长的望远镜、以及相似但却有不同设备的望远镜,they will all look at different parts of the questions that we#39;re asking.它们能够从不同的角度探究我们共同的问题。So when we discover other planets, we#39;ll be able to test those observations,所以当我们探索其他行星的时候,我们就能够检验不同的观察报告,we#39;ll be able to measure the atmospheres, be able to look in space with very high resolution.我们将能够测量大气状况、能够在观测太空时得到很高的分辨率。So, they#39;re very complementary. You#39;re right about the funding, we compete; but scientifically, it#39;s very complementary.所以说,他们是完全互补互助的。关于资金方面,你说的对,我们有竞争,但从科学方面讲,却是完全互补的。Wendy, thank you very much for coming to TEDGlobal. Thank you.Wendy,十分感谢你能来TEDGlobal。也谢谢你们! Article/201706/515120 济南市第三人民医院预约四维彩超济南90总医院如何



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