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成都市生殖健康研究附属医院是不是正规医院成都第三人民医院在哪个区绵阳人流手术哪家医院最好的 Quan Peng, from Gansu province in western China, set off from Beijing in August 2014 and has visited 43 cities and towns in five provinces. In the next six months, he hopes to make it to China#39;s southern tip -- his final destination.来自中国西部甘肃省的权鹏,自2014年8月从北京启程,共游览了全国5个省份的43个城镇。接下来半年内,他希望能够抵达中国的最南部,并以此作为整个旅程的最后一站。The goal of his epic journey? He wants people with physical challenges like him to be treated like anybody else.那么,这一堪称史诗般的旅程目的是什么呢?那就是,他希望像他一样的残疾人士能够得到平等的对待。;I see it as a battle,; Quan told CNN. ;I#39;m not only battling against my disability, but against discrimination.;“我把它当做是一次战斗,”权鹏告诉CNN说,“我不只是在和自己的残疾身体作斗争,我是在和歧视作斗争。”Quan has traveled on a shoestring budget. He#39;s wheeled himself all of the way so far -- and has the bulging biceps to prove it. He#39;s slept in a tent or in his chair with only the shelter of an umbrella.权鹏的整个旅行资金很紧张。他一路都是靠滑轮椅行进,从他胳膊上强壮的二头肌就可以明这一点。他一路上经常搭个帐篷、或者在自己的轮椅上盖个雨伞就睡了。The few times he tried to stay in hotels he was turned away. ;Restaurant owners would refuse to take me in because they see me as a beggar; I go to a hotel, they would tell me they are fully booked.;偶尔他也尝试着住旅馆,但经常被拒之门外。“饭店老板也将我轰出门外,因为他们认为我是乞讨的;我去旅馆,会被告知已经住满人了。”Quan moved to Beijing in 2013, where he found a job in customer service. He quit a year later to start his cross-country trip, reviewing disabled facilities in cities and towns, also visiting museums hoping to learn about different places.权鹏2013年来到北京,找到了一份工作。一年后他辞职并开始全国旅游,查看各个城镇的残疾人设施,并参观物馆,希望能了解到不同的地方的文化。He initially thought his journey would take nine months but at 566 days and counting, it#39;ll likely take more than two years.权鹏一开始认为他的行程花费九个月就可以完成,但是第566天时,他算了一下,可能要花费两年多的时间。His biggest challenges came at Taishan, one of China#39;s holy mountains. Too proud to ask for help, he crawled to the summit. ;There is no place I can#39;t reach after that,; he said. ;I have no mental barriers now.;在中国的名山--泰山上,他遇到了前所未有的挑战。因为不想请求别人帮助,他硬是爬着上了泰山。“爬过泰山后,我觉得我去哪里都不成问题了,”他说,“我现在心理上没有任何障碍了。”Nowhere, among all the places he visited, stands out as offering a great experience to a disabled traveler. He couldn#39;t turn around his wheelchair in many of the disabled restrooms he#39;s encountered. Others were locked up. Even in cities like Beijing and Shanghai, which are better equipped for the disabled community, Quan says he#39;s not able to take a bus.在他游览过的很多城市,没有一个地方为残疾人士提供了完善的便利设施。在很多残疾人士卫生间中,他无法调转轮椅,而很多残疾人士卫生间甚至根本就不开放。即使是在像北京和上海这样的大城市,即便为残疾人士设立了便利设施,但是全鹏表示,他还是不能搭乘公交车。Traveling alone, he#39;s refused any offers of financial assistance. He wants to rely on himself. ;I would like to try my best to let people know that we are able to work, we are able to create value; we are not useless people staying in bed all day long.;独自旅行的他拒绝了很多人提供的经济帮助,他只想依靠自己来完成。“我想尽我所能,让人们知道我们可以工作,可以创造价值,我们不是终日卧床不起的无用的人。” /201603/433126阿坝州人民医院男科医生

成都新津县男科医院在那儿A story of a man who made the ultimate journey of love, cycling from India to Sweden to see his sweetheart, has captured the hearts of thousands online. A Facebook post, that has been liked more than 113,000 times, shares the tale of how Dr. Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia crossed eight countries to be reunited with his wife Charlotte Von Schedvin in her native country.近日,一名男子万里寻爱,从印度骑车到瑞典见妻子的故事在网上吸引了无数关注。有人在Facebook写下了这个故事,点赞数达到了113,000次。这个故事讲述了印度小哥Pradyumna跨越八个国家与妻子Charlotte在她的家乡瑞典团聚的事情。The epic tale began in 1975 when wealthy 19-year-old Von Schedvin, who was a student in London at the time, travelled to India in 1975 to meet the poor but renowned portrait artist Mahanandia. The Indian was born in 1949 into a weaver family in Odisha, Dhenkanal and was considered an untouchable in the society.故事发生在1975年,19岁带有皇室血统的瑞典富家女Von Schedvin正在英国念书,她听说有个贫穷却非常有名的印度肖像画家,于是专程旅行去印度见他。这名印度小哥于1949出生在印度一个贫穷的纺织户家庭,因为种姓制度,他被归类为“不可接触的贱民”。Although his family couldn#39;t afford his education, he managed to gain a place at the College of Art in New Delhi where word of his talent quickly sp.尽管他家无法负担学费,他还是成功在新德里的一个艺术学院半工半读,在那里,他的才华得以施展,他靠着画肖像画出了名。In events that wouldn#39;t be out of place in a romantic movie, when the young Von Sledvin met with the portrait maker the two became infatuated with one another. He was possessed by her beauty and she, with his sheer simplicity. Despite their contrasting backgrounds, the pair shortly married, with Charlotte.两人相遇后就像所有爱情电影的情节一样,迅速坠入爱河。他被她的魅力所折,而她也深深的被他的单纯所吸引。即使两人背景如此的不匹配,但二人还是很快结婚了。In 1978, the time came for Charlotte to return to her native country, and she requested her husband join her back in Europe. However, Mahanandia was in the middle of his studies and said he would join her after these were completed. The couple stayed in touch through letters and despite Charlotte#39;s offers to send flight tickets, Mahanandia was determined to meet her via his own means.1978年,Charlotte不得不要回到瑞典。她希望丈夫能跟她一起走。可是他表示自己还没有完成学业,等毕业之后会去瑞典找她的。之后他们通过书信来往维持异地恋关系,他拒绝了姑娘给他买的机票,他只想靠自己的力量去见她。Selling his belongings, he managed to scrape enough money to buy a second-hand bike and set out on the intrepid journey to be reunited. From New Delhi the love-struck adventurer entered Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Germany, Austria and Denmark. It wasn#39;t all plain sailing. His bike broke down numerous time along the way and he had to go on without food for days.之后,他卖掉了自己所有东西,买了辆二手自行车,决定骑到瑞典与妻子团聚。从新德里,他穿越了阿富汗,伊朗,土耳其,保加利亚,南斯拉夫,德国,奥地利和丹麦八个国家。整个行程并不是一路顺风,这期间,他的车坏了无数次,也因为没钱买东西饿着肚子骑车好几天,才最终到达瑞典。In total the trip took four months and three weeks before he finally reached Gothenburg, Sweden.Upon arrival he was questioned by immigration officers, who were said to be amazed at his story of devotion after he shared photographs of his marriage.这段骑行历时4个多月,到达瑞典边境时,移民官知道他一路从印度骑过来惊呆了,直到他拿出了他们的结婚照,才顺利入境。Her parents welcomed him with open arms and 40 years later, the pair are still happily married. Dr PK Mahanandia serves as the Odiya Cultural Ambassador of India to Sweden and lives with his wife and two children in Sweden. He has become well-known in Sweden as an artist and as an Adviser, Art and Culture, under the Swedish Government too.Charlotte的父母知道后立刻赶来迎接他,现在这两人依旧幸福的生活在一起。他在瑞典成了肖像画大师,还成了印度驻瑞典的文化宣传大使。 /201512/417862成都妇幼保健医院的信誉 成都省七院住院部电话

雅安市第一人民医院在线咨询Will drinking champagne stop me getting dementia?喝香槟能不能防止痴呆?Three glasses of champagne a day can prevent dementia, claimed news stories last week. Enough to make anyone crack open the Cristal. The reports were based on a study from the University of Reading that was carried out three years ago but resurfaced last week via social media. The researchers found that drinking champagne improved spatial memory – the ability to navigate to wherever you want to go (for example, getting home after the pub). Champagne contains chardonnay mixed with pinot noir and pinot meunier, two black grapes that contain phenolic acids, which are thought to reduce inflammation and may protect brain cells.上周的新闻故事宣布,一天三杯香槟可以防治痴呆。这理由足以让人试图打开一瓶。报告基于一项Reading大学三年前的研究,然而上周又通过社交媒体浮出水面。研究者发现喝香槟可以改进空间记忆——行驶到你想去地方的能力(比如,从酒吧到家)。香槟包含夏敦埃酒,混合着黑皮诺和莫尼耶皮诺,这是两种包含着酚醛酸的黑葡萄,可以减少发炎,或许会保护脑细胞。So far so good but, unless you are a rodent, there is no evidence that quaffing champagne will preserve your cognitive function. The study was done not on humans but on 24 mature rats. The rats were divided into groups of eight and either champagne, another fizzy alcoholic drink or a carbonated soft drink was mixed into their feed. Over six weeks, researchers measured the rats’ ability to get through a maze to locate a treat and found that the champagne drinkers were significantly better at the task.目前看来效果不错,但除非你是啮齿目动物,不然没有据表明痛饮香槟可以保护你的认知功能。这项研究并不是在人类身上实验的,而是在24只成熟老鼠身上。老鼠被分为八组,香槟,气泡酒精或含二氧化碳的饮料被混合进了他们的食物中。在六周的时间内,研究者测试了老鼠通过迷宫来定位食物的能力,并发现喝香槟的老鼠明显在任务中表现更好。When the rats’ brains were examined under a microscope, those who had drunk champagne showed increased amounts of proteins that stimulate the formation of nerve-cell networks and are involved in memory and learning. In particular, these rats had more of a protein called dystrophin in the hippocampus region of the brain, which may protect against loss of reasoning and spatial memory.在显微镜下观察老鼠大脑时发现时,那些喝了香槟的老鼠体内蛋白质数量增加,这种蛋白质可以刺激神经细胞网络的形成,这和记忆与学习有关。特别的是,这些老鼠的大脑海马区具有更多的抗肌萎缩蛋白,也许可以防止逻辑推理能力和空间记忆的丧失。However different rats are from humans, the laboratory rodent has been widely used as a model for human disease, especially for research into stroke, heart disease, diabetes and breast cancer. So are there implications in this study for humans? Disappointing news for champagne lovers – the rats were given just 1.78ml per kilo of body weight – the human equivalent would be one and a half flutes a week.无论老鼠和人类有多么不同,实验室的啮齿目动物一直被广泛地用作防控人类疾病的模型,尤其是对中风,心脏病,糖尿病和乳腺癌的研究。那么这项研究对人类有启发吗?对于香槟爱好者来说坏消息是——老鼠只接受了体重1.78毫升每千克的量——相当于人类每星期1.5杯。If you really want to justify a glass of champagne on health grounds, you can always e physicians of the 19th century, who swore it could dissolve kidney stones, cure anaemia and keep you healthy.如果你想明香槟对健康有益,你可以轻易从19世纪物理学家的研究中找到据,香槟可以溶解肾结石,治疗贫血,使你保持健康。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201602/425173 Tea and sympathy traditionally accompany bereavement but soon you could also have cake, cheese toasties and frankness about mortality.浓茶和同情对于丧亲之痛总是必不可少的抚慰,但很快人们也会拥有蛋糕、奶酪面包以及对于死亡的一份坦然。London looks set to host a permanent ;Death Cafe;, a coffee shop where people can go to talk about one of life#39;s most awkward subjects - dying.伦敦即将开一家永久的;死亡咖啡馆;,在这里人们可以谈论人生中最避讳的话题之一——死亡。Since the Death Cafe movement started in 2011 more than 2,000 popup cafes have sprung up across the world, with the majority opening in this country.;死亡咖啡馆;活动始于2011年,此后两千多家咖啡馆如雨后春笋般相继出现在世界各地,其中大多数开在英国。But now the movement#39;s founder wants to open a permanent Death Cafe in the British capital and next month will offer shares in it at 50 euros a go.但是,如今活动发起人想在英国首都开一家永久性死亡咖啡馆,并将于下月以50英镑的价格发行股份。The permanent Death Cafe will run as a non-profit Community Benefit Society owned and managed by those who support it.永久死亡咖啡馆将作为一个非营利性社区福利协会,由其所有权和运营权由持者共有。Funeral advisor and Death Cafe founder Jon Underwood says the aim of the movement is ;to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their (finite) lives.;殡葬顾问、死亡咖啡馆发起人乔恩·安德伍德说,这个活动的目的是;提高人们对死亡的认识,帮助人们充分利用他们(有限的)生命。;Death Cafes are not intended to be bereavement support groups or morbid places. They are simply environments where mentioning death and the deceased or fears about personal mortality and means of dying are openly welcomed and not unsaid, sanitised or ignored.死亡咖啡馆无意成为丧亲互助会或其他怪异的场所。它纯粹是为人们提供场所,谈论死亡、死者、对个人死亡的恐惧以及死亡方式。在这里可以畅所欲言,没有人审核你,没有人忽视你。A survey by the charity Dying Matters reveals that more than 70 per cent of us are uncomfortable talking about death and dying.慈善机构;死亡重要;的调查显示,超过70%的人谈论死亡会感到不安。;We don#39;t want toshove death down people#39;s throats,; Underwood told The Independent. ;We just want to create an environment where talking about death is natural and comfortable.;;我们并不想逼迫人们直面死亡,;安德伍德告诉英国《独立报》,;我们只是想创造一种环境,让谈论死亡变成一件自然和舒适的事。;He got the idea from the Swiss model (cafe mortel) invented by sociologist Bernard Crettaz.他的灵感来自瑞士社会学家伯納德·克瑞塔茲创造的;死亡咖啡馆;。;I#39;m certain that Death Café London will be both beneficial for society and a chance for learning and discussion,; Underwood explains. ;In my experience, when people talk about death and dying, all their pretences disappear,;我敢肯定,伦敦死亡咖啡馆既有益于社会,也为人们提供了一个学习和讨论的机会,;安德伍德解释道,;就我的经验而言,当人们谈论死亡时,他们所有的伪装都会消失不见,;You see people#39;s authenticity and honesty among strangers. Although it might sound really weird and wonderful to say you attend a death cafe, it just feels very normal.;;大家互不相识,你却能感觉到他们真诚、诚实。虽然参加死亡咖啡馆的活动听起来既诡异又奇妙,但却感觉很正常。;Talking of Death Cafe London he says: ;The time is right to offer a place where people can come to engage with death.More and more people are expressing support and getting involved.Death Café London is committed to enabling all people – especially individuals with marginalized identities – to buy shares in, work at, use and shape the venture.;说到伦敦死亡咖啡馆,他说:;是时候提供一个地方让人们直面死亡了。越来越多的人表示持并参与其中。伦敦死亡咖啡馆致力于使所有的人——尤其是被边缘化的人——入股、在此工作、使用和建造这个咖啡馆。; /201509/401398成飞医院做引产需要证明吗铁道第二勘察设计院医院治疗阳痿多少钱



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