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中国著名旅游景点英文介绍:周村 -- :33:00 来源: 中国著名旅游景点英文介绍:周村Zhoucun Old Town, under the administration of Zibo City of Shandong Province, holds the reputation as the "birthplace of Shandong commerce."Known as the "dry port" its strategic location along many overland trading routes, trade in Zhoucun flourished in the early th century, and it became an important center bankers and well as silk and tobacco merchants.The Zhoucun Old Town became a national AAAA tourist site in , featuring museums, shops, restaurants, and cultural permances. As a commercial town with a thousand-year history, it has hosted various kinds of excellent scenic spots. 中国著名旅游景点 周村云南旅游景点英文介绍:乃古石林 -- :5: 来源: 云南旅游景点英文介绍:乃古石林5 Naigu stone estThe karst mations in Shilin have long been a tourist draw in Yunnan province, but the Naigu stoneest in Lunan county just kilometers away is now emerging as a popular destination.A central part of Stone est Park that was listed as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site in , the 30-square-kilometer Naigu scenic area is known as a natural museum of karst landms. The word naigu means "ancient and black" in the language of the Yi ethnic group, a fitting description of the mass of blackish limestone that med about 70 million years ago.Compared with the Shilin landscape and its sword-shaped stones, the Naigu attraction has much sturdier stone columns that appear as shapes ranging from animals and figures to towers and blockhouses. The highest is more than 0 meters tall. 旅游景点 乃古石林5人搞笑 --01 3:7:5 来源: 5人搞笑Today’s Yang bailao and Huang Shiren ———编剧:方彦龙 Character::杨白劳Y, 喜儿X,王大春(喜儿男朋友)D,王大婶(王大春的母亲)W, 穆仁智(黄的管家)M,黄世仁HPart 1:In 杨白劳’home 旁白:(“喜洋洋”背景音乐起)---New Year's Eve,Xi’er is talking with her boyfriend on the phone, suddenly ,doorbell sounded.(叮咚!叮咚……) 喜: Oh! ok! Someone is knock at the door! So I have to hung up!Bye!(开门) 杨: 喜儿! 喜儿! What’s this? 喜: Oh! computer!(高兴地看笔记本)That’s a Laptop! 杨: Ha ha! Today I’m able to buy a computer! Next year, I will plan to buy a car! 喜: Really? Buys a car?Great! 杨: Ok, now we will go out ,are you y ? 喜: Ha ha,I’m y ok and waiting you to come back!(门铃再次响起)Oh,I think there must be Aunt Wang and Dacun coming.(开门,) 王婶, 大春, 杨, 喜(四人齐声贺道)Happy New Year!hah(喜儿和大春去一边嘻嘻哈哈,窃窃私语不知所言) 王婶:(走到杨白劳跟前)Mr Yang,I heard Dachun said, going to jump the disco dancing after dinner.Right? 杨:Right,What do you think? 王婶:I’m gald to,oh,are you prepared to go out? 杨: Sure!. 王婶: Ok,go?(问杨白劳) 杨: Let’s go,(朝喜儿他俩那边喊)Xi’er,Dachun,go! (四人出门 下) Part : In Huang Shiren’ home 黄: (黄世仁上台,气势汹汹地说)Hello,everyone!Do you know Huang Shiren?Tt’s me! Ha ha……But today is not yestady!You see Mu Renzhi coming! 穆:(穆仁智走上来)Mr Huang , give me a litte,ok? 黄: Not! I wouldn’t give you,because I haven’t money!(不耐烦的样子) 穆: New Year coming,My wages, a year--?(哀求着) 黄: Really does not have! 穆:(拉着黄的手说)You are so kind in my eyes,can you give me litte money,ok? 黄: No way,what’s moreYang Bailao has not return the money to me, what can I do you?(无奈的样子) 穆: You might ask him! 黄:Asking him?I think he couldn’t give me! 穆:Why? He has contracted the farm, and made many money! 黄:I know! But,he—— 穆:(打断黄的话)Tries!Ok? 黄: (想了想)Ok! You go together with me! 穆: Let’s go! (两人出门 下) Part 3: In enlightens the hall 旁白: Yang Bailao, Xi’er, Dachun and Aunt Wang finished eating dinner and tojump the disco dancing.(迪斯科音乐起,四人在舞台上狂欢着) (一会儿,杨的电话响了,他走到前台接电话) 杨:This is Yang Bailao, please speaking! ... oh... oh!-- 王婶:(王大婶看见,向杨走过来)Who’s that? 杨:Huang Shiren, he said he coming here immediately. 喜:(停止跳舞,朝这边问)Huang Shiren? Is all right?(杨白老点头示对) 大春: Nothing! We would take them away if they appeared! 杨, 喜, D, W: Ha ha (四人继续跳舞) (黄世仁和穆仁智一前一后的东张西望地从下面走上台前) 黄: Oh! Everyone,Happy New Year! (大家看了看,没人理睬) 杨:(杨朝黄走了过去)The same to you!(音乐停,其他人也走了过来) 黄: (和杨握手)Recently alright? 杨: Fina, but if you ask the money that’s wrong!(自己先坐下,示意让黄世仁坐,这时大春用脚把凳子往后一勾了下,黄坐到地上了,尴尬的看看大家) 大春:Oh, I resemble see to have the dirty thing, but not,sits down! 黄: (朝杨白老问)Who is this?(穆仁智扶黄起来) 杨:He is Wang Dachun,Xi’er’s boyfriend. 黄:(打量大春说)Are you Xi’er’s boyfriend? 大春:Yes! (喊道)Is not my that is you? 黄:No,no!you!(胆怯的坐下) 杨:What’s the mater? 黄:I’m sorry, but, today is the last of the year!en—Debt is--- 杨:(打断黄的话) Does not have! 黄: I know you are good man, give a litte,ok?(乞求的样子) 杨: No matter what you said to,nothing! 黄(抱住杨白老的腿哀求到)Mr Yang ,a litte,just a litte…… 杨: No money,only a life have! 黄: just a litte…… 杨:(很无情地说) No money,only a life have! 黄: (无助地向四处环顾)En---- 大春: (不耐烦地说)You have not heard? Does not have! 黄:(朝喜儿望去)Miss, you help us!help us !ok?(哀求着) 王婶:(和喜儿站一块的王大婶说)What you want to do? 大春:Boils!Go out!(语气非常强烈) ( 杨白劳推开黄,喜儿,王大春,王大婶赶黄世仁和穆仁智走) 穆:(拉着杨白老的手求到)Do not expel me go, I want to leave,from now, I do you ,I cound drive--- 杨: (排了排穆仁智)Ha ha, nice!ok! (穆仁智和所有的人都赶黄世仁出门) 黄:(冲穆仁智喊道)Mu Renzhi! Mu Renzhi!Do you know you is my housekeep? 穆:No!Go out!(全部下) 5人搞笑 5 人 搞三年级英语作文:My Pen Pal --1 01:57:1 来源:   since last summer, i have written to my pen pal, seda, who lives in turkey. i became acquainted with her when i went to england a study tour.  we stayed with the same family, and she was my roommate and clamate as well. sometimes we went to the movies together after dier. seda is very easy to get along with. i will always remember the two weeks i ent with her. we didt get each other and kept writing to each other after we returned home. although i havet seen her again since i left england, i still know how she is through letters, cards and photographs. seda tells me her secrets and also shares her haine and sadne with me . both of us hope that we will meet each other somewhere one day.  maybe i'll go to turkey to visit her, or she'll come to taiwan to visit me.Goldie finds a New Friend --1 :3:38 来源: Goldie finds a New Friend  Goldie looked sad. He didn’t swish his tail. He didn’t blow bubbles.  “When I’m sad, Mommy gives me a treat.” said Daniel.  He dropped a goldfish treat in the fishbowl. But still Goldie looked sad.  “When I’m sad, Mommy sings me a song.” said Daniel. He sang a song. But Goldie still looked sad.  “When I’m sad, mommy s me a book.” said Daniel. He a book about goldfish.   Goldie peeked at the book.   Goldie peeked at the book.   “You need a friend.” said Daniel. He swished his tail. Goldie loved his new friend in the mirror.

我爱英语 I Like English -- ::53 来源: I love English,because it sounds beautiful. I think the English speakers are very cool. I likelistening to the native speakers speak English. And I hope one day I can speaklike them. Theree, the English class is my favorite. In the class, I listencarefully to my teacher, and I often ask and answer questions. I think it’s agood opporty to practice. After class, I often the English magazinesand watch English TV programs. I hope I can make progress after class. Englishlearning is a long journey, but I make up my mind to word hard.我喜欢英语因为它听上去很优美我认为说英语的人很酷,我喜欢听本土人说英语我希望有一天我也能说得像他们一样好,英语课是我最喜欢的课程上课的时候,我认真听老师讲课,积极提问和回答问题我觉得这是一个锻炼的好机会课后我经常看英语杂志和英语电视节目因为我希望课后能够取得进步学习英语是一个漫长的过程,但是我下定决心要努力学习

小学英语作文:我的寒假计划 -01-19 :6:19 来源: 小学英语作文:我的寒假计划The winter holiday begins today.寒假今天开始了 this holiday,i will go to beijing to visit my cousin. My cousin promised to visit the Great Wall,the the Imperial Palace and the Tian An Men with me.I haven't seen my cousin a long time,so i will stay there several days.we will share our happinIess and sadness in the school. Certainly,I will keep on studying everyday,i will do some of winter holiday homework everyday,and english tales everyday这个假期,我将去北京看望我的表我表答应过要陪我一起去参观长城,故宫和天安门我和我表很久没有见面了,所以我会在那儿呆上好几天我们会分享我们在学校里的开心的不开心的事情当然,我每天还会继续学习,我会每天做一些寒假作业,读一些英语故事书Those are my winter holiday plans,how about yours?这就是我的寒假计划,你的是什么呢?

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