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四川成都市泌尿外科成都都有哪些男科医院锦江区中医医院体检 Discoveries of new oil reserves have dropped to their lowest level for more than 60 years, pointing to potential supply shortages in the next decade.新探明石油储量已降至逾60年来最低水平,这预示着未来10年可能出现供给短缺。Oil explorers found 2.8bn barrels of crude and related liquids last year, according to IHS, a consultancy. This is the lowest annual volume recorded since 1954, reflecting a slowdown in exploration activity as hard-pressed oil companies seek to conserve cash.咨询公司IHS的数据显示,石油勘探企业去年新发现的原油及相关液态能源为28亿桶。这是自1954年以来录得的最低年探明储量,反映出随着拮据的石油公司设法节约现金,石油勘探活动正逐步放缓。Most of the new reserves that have been found are offshore in deep water, where oilfields take an of average seven years to bring into production, so the declining rate of exploration success points to reduced supplies from the mid-2020s.大多数新发现的石油储量都处于海洋深水区,投产平均需要7年时间,所以,探明成功率的下降预示着,从本世纪20年代中期开始,石油供给将会减少。The dwindling rate of discoveries does not mean that the world is running out of oil; in recent years most of the increase in global production has come from existing fields, not new finds, according to Wood Mackenzie, another consultancy. Additionally, there has been a predominance of gas, rather than oil, in recent finds.另一家咨询公司伍德麦肯兹(Wood Mackenzie)认为,新发现石油储量速度的下降并不意味着全球石油正在耗尽;近年来,全球石油产量增长的大部分来自已有油田,而非新发现油田。此外,在新近发现的储量中,占绝大多数的是天然气,而非石油。But if the rate of oil discoveries does not improve, it will create a shortfall in global supplies of about 4.5m barrels per day by 2035, Wood Mackenzie said.伍德麦肯兹表示,如果石油勘探的速度不提高,到2035年将造成全球每天约450万桶的供给缺口。That could mean higher oil prices, and make the world more reliant on onshore oilfields where the resource base is aly known, such as US shale.这或将意味着油价上涨,并使全球更依赖已知资源储量的陆上油田,比如美国的页岩。 /201605/441989四川成都第九人民医院在线咨询

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邛崃市看乳腺检查哪家医院最好的As man’s best friends, dogs deserve the best in life, and when it comes to housing, a UK company is y to offer them just that. Hecate Verona is all set to launch the world’s first line of luxury dog mansions, with the most expensive models costing up to 0,000.是人类最好的朋友,它们应该得到最幸福的生活,而一家英国公司准备从居住条件入手,让他们幸福。海克缇?维罗纳准备推出全球首款豪华屋,最昂贵的房型售价高达20万美元(约合人民币136万)。Alice Willimas, Creative Director at Hecate Verona, says that the development of these luxury dog mansions began three years ago, and was sparked by a series of questions, like “Why wouldn’t a dog house be as elegant and beautiful as its owner’s? Why shouldn’t an architect design a house for the dog? What if it could be beautiful, stylish and also practical? What if it had miniature engravings, windows, doors etc all in proportion with the dog house? Why is it that during a time when a dog is considered to be a family member can’t a dog also have its own dog mansion equal to its owner’s, where he can lie comfortably when outdoors?”海克缇?维罗纳公司创意总监爱丽丝?威廉姆斯称,三年前他们开始制造这款豪宅时,受到了以下几个问题的启发:“为什么屋不能像主人的房子一样典雅、迷人呢?为什么建筑师不为设计房子?”“如果屋也可以既漂亮时髦,又非常实用呢?如果屋有迷你的雕刻建筑、门窗会是什么样呢?被视为家庭成员,却不能和主人住上条件一样好的房子,舒地躺在院子里的屋中,这是为什么呢?”“Our customers and their dogs typically live indoors so we see our dog manor as an extra that gives a pet more comfort – it is dog’s own house that has all the comforts of an indoor living room, making the whole experience of staying outdoors more fun and enjoyable,” Alice Willimas said. “This leads to the dog enjoying the outdoors even more and staying more active and that is highly recommended by veterinarians.”威廉姆斯称:“我们的顾客通常让他们的宠物生活在室内,所以我们把庄园作为一个补充,让宠物们生活得更舒——这间屋和室内的活动室一样舒,因此可以在室外享受更多乐趣。这样它们就会更加喜欢户外活动,保持活力,这也是兽医强烈建议的。”Speaking of features, these miniature luxury homes will spark the envy of most humans. The SmartSystem consists of various automated solutions that ensure the ultimate comfort and convenience for both dogs and their human owners. “It controls the automation of lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning while ensuring interaction with your pet for you. Internet enabled cameras and screen allow for communication at any time or distance.”说到这个迷你豪宅的功能,恐怕会让很多人嫉妒。屋的智能系统集合了多种自动化解决方案,能确保和主人都获得超级舒适便捷的体验。“该系统可以自动控制灯光、取暖、通风和空调系统,还能确保您和您的宠物保持互动。可以通过网络让摄像头和屏幕启动,无论您在哪里,都能随时和宠物面对面交流。”Hecate Verona will start taking orders for the luxury mansions this month. Each bespoke house takes 2-4 months to complete, after which it is delivered straight to the client.海克缇?维罗纳公司将在本月开始接受豪华屋的订单。每间屋订做时间需要2-4个月,制作完成后将直接交付顾客。 /201706/514413 邛崃市中医院专家在线提问成都市第七人民医院预约电话



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