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Narin:This car is amazing.纳琳:这辆车真是惊艳Daniel:I know. It has every luxury option available.丹尼尔:我就知道它的每一项配置都是奢华限量版Narin:This sumptuous interior is so comtable.纳琳:这豪华的内饰真令人心情愉悦Daniel:You havent seen anything yet.丹尼尔:你还没见识它的庐山真面目It has a climate control system every seat and a voice-activated entertainment system.这款车的每张座椅都配置有天候控制及声控系统It also has the best navigation system money can buy.它还搭载烧钱买来的最顶尖导航系统Let me turn this car on with the remote starter.现在我就使用远程遥控启动这辆车Narin:That impressive. How does it drive?纳琳:确实令人印象深刻驾驶方面如何?Daniel:It drives like a dream.丹尼尔:这就是一部梦幻级别的跑车It has the most responsive handling of any car Ive driven, and it has such a smooth ride youd hardly know were moving.它拥有我所驾驶车型中最为灵敏的操控系统而且如此平稳以致于你几乎感觉不到我们是在前进Narin:Youre right. It like riding on a cloud.纳琳:你说的对就像是在驾云而行Daniel:And this car is safe, too.丹尼尔:而且这辆车安全系数非常高It has seven air bags and an alert system blind spots, which helps to avoid front and rear collisions.它的7个安全气囊和针对盲点而设警报系统能够避免前后碰撞Narin:Can you give me a ride home?纳琳:你能开它载我回家吗?Daniel:No, I have to get this car back to the car lot bee my boss notices it gone.丹尼尔:不行,我得在老板发现前赶紧把车开回展销中心Narin:Couldnt you just tell him you were taking a potential customer out on a test drive?纳琳:你就不能跟他讲你正在让一位潜在客户进行试驾吗?Daniel:Again?丹尼尔:你又想故技重施? 9Russia Opens Military Theme Park俄罗斯军事主题公园开放A new military-themed amusement park is now open to the public in Russia. Patriot Park is located about an hour outside of Moscow. It features rows of tanks that children are allowed to climb on as well as grenade launchers and other weapons that kids can play with. When visitors get hungry, they can visit the canteen authentic army rations. At the grand opening of the park, Vladimir Putin announced that Russia had added 0 new intercontinental missiles to its weapons arsenal. He also announced that Russia was inventing several new types of weapons that no other country has. The first major event to take place at the park was Army . Arms dealers from around the world came to the park to buy and sell military gear. In the future, the park will feature military re-enactments of famous battles from Soviet history.俄罗斯军事主题游乐园目前向公众开放这一爱国主义公园距离莫斯科有一个小时的距离主题公园中设有允许儿童攀登的一排排坦克车,以及供孩子们玩耍的榴弹发射器和其他武器如果游客感到饥饿,那么他们可以前往食堂享受真正的军营配给食物在公园开幕日上,普京称俄罗斯又增加了0枚新型洲际导弹他还称俄罗斯正在发明许多世界上独一无二的新型武器公园也将迎来第一个重要活动,年国际军备武器展来自世界各地的军火商将在这里买卖武器装备未来,公园还将重现苏联时期的著名战役译文属原创,,不得转载 3856蒂娜·菲,美国演员编剧、制作人,作品较多她因参演《我为喜剧狂被提名为年第59届美国黄金时段艾美奖喜剧类电视剧最佳女主角令人啼笑皆非的蒂娜菲想再添新丁今天的节目中,她透露自己这一心愿,还和观众分享五岁女儿的生活趣事!-Hi, Tina.你好,蒂娜-Hi, how are you? 你好,最近怎么样?-I’m fantastic. How are you? 我好极了你好吗?-I’m good. Thank you. 我很好谢谢你-How are you, feel like, can't believe it, like you don't have a… I can't believe it.你,感觉,不敢相信它,就像你没有…我不敢相信这是真的(I can’t believe it.)(我不敢相信这是真的)-How in the world? What happen…. So you are not busy enough and now you are adding a new child into your life. And, and you are doing… I guess, right? I mean…这个世界怎么了?发生什么事…所以你不忙的话,现在是有个孩子走进你生命的时候了而你正在做的事情…我想,对吗?我的意思是…(-Right.) (对)-When will you be delivering the child? Some, hum, into the summer. 你要接送孩子?在夏天炎热的时候-Into the summer. And now you are on this book tour and you are having to, to do so much work. Are you still shooting? 夏天,现在你正迷恋这本书,你不得不做这么多工作你还投篮吗?-No, we've done shooting. 不,我们不投篮了-You've done shooting. 你已经不投篮了-We've finished, hum, shooting. (Yes. Thank you.)我们终于完成了,哼,投篮(是的谢谢你)-That's good. At least you kind-of timed it out, I hope.那很好至少你能够走出来,我希望是这样-Yeah. 是的-Okay, and so, hum, and do you know the sex of the child? -好的,,恩,你知道孩子的性别吗?-Hum, I mean no, I… We've decided we are gonna wait, hum, we're just gonna find out never. -不,我…我们已经决定我们要等待,我们早晚会知道的-Okay. 好的-Not even after it's born. 即使是出生后-Not even after it's born.即使是出生后-I'm gonna see whether it chooses to wear a prone. Yeah, tell me what. 我要看它是否选择穿衣倾向是啊,告诉我是什么-Giving it time to figure it out. Good you. Good you. It's a lot of way waited. That's good. So are you exhausted and is this an easier pregnancy? Or? 需要时间才能解决对你有好处对你有好处这是很多方式那很好所以你精疲力尽,怀容易吗?还是?-I feel pretty good, hum, I, I, I have been luckiest by doctor of pretty easy pregnancies, you know, knock on some, I don't know. Hum, hum, well time's, it's funny cause' now I'm the, I'm the older scent. They call me, I have with, they call, advanced maternal age. When I moved like in, they looked me like I am gonna just explode. They treat me very gently. 我感觉很好,我,我,我一直幸运很容易怀的,你知道,敲些,我不知道很好的时光,有趣 “现在我是,我是老人他们叫我老人,高龄母亲当我像,他们看着我就像我会爆炸他们待我非常有礼貌-So, it really, is it, is it that age where you are like, maybe, is it, is it, hum, are you scared to have a baby this age? 那么,真的,它是,年龄,你就像,也许,它是,它是,恩,你在现在的年龄害怕生婴儿吗?-Hum, I feel okay, I think, I feel like it's okay. Yeah. 我感觉很好,我想,我觉得没关系是啊-I mean I would not, at this time in my life, I'm order than you, but it's just exhausting at any age, when you are young, it's easier, but, and you know cause'you aly have a child, now you are doing it again. 我的意思是我不会,就在这个时候,在我的生活中,我比你年长,但是这仅仅是在任何年龄都会有疲惫,当你年轻的时候很方便,但是,你知道原因,你已经有了一个孩子,你现在再次做一遍-I do feel like, and my husband is little order than me and we are both like, oh boy, here we go again. You're gonna do it like the Dugger Swear just never, you never take a break, cause’ you take that break. 我觉得,我和我的丈夫比我大,我们两个都喜欢男孩,在这里,我们再次你要做的只是像Dugger Swear那样不休息,因为你已经休息过了-Who's that? 那是谁?-That's that lady with the kids. 那是带着个孩子的女士-Oh, wow. That's a small way to do it, just have right away.哦,哇这是一个小方法,只有左右-Never got.我永远不会忘记-So much easier that way. So and, and Alice, how old? 更容易那么,爱丽丝,多大?-She is five and a half. 她五岁半-Five and a half. And she must be hilarious because you are hilarious. 五岁半她一定很搞笑,因为你就很搞笑The power of pomegranates.Pomegranates now seem all the rage. Are they too powerful or not at all? Maya Sanchez reports. It’s the biggest fatten fruit but too much of the good thing actually hurt you? My Center shows this is why the power pomegranates maybe too potent. It’s emerged as a mega hit, but the hit helps the conscious crowd.I like so many healthy antioxidants and it’s so good your health, your skin, your age. Those were the passion the pomegranates raised about its benefits, everything from decreasing your chances cancer to lower in your cholesterol. My cholesterol level actually use to be very high, and it’s actually gone done to likely really good levels, cholesterol, cholesterol’s up, cholesterol’s down. So I mean I think it definitely helps. But this juicy fruits reputation is getting the squeeze by some medical professionals who say its power packed juice can interfere with cholesterol lowering drugs. Now a major US pomgratic producer Pom Wonderful says the fruit is getting a bad wrap. We believe that’s absolutely not true and it always studies get been conducted on pom. There have been no reported incidents of any safety at all. Doctors at the center integrative medicine in Taisan agree, but they say concentrated pomegranate juice is so pount it can’t lower blood pressure. Encourage patients to consult their physinal pharmacist if you are beginning the regime of the secular berry. Advocates of pomegranate juice say your best bet is not exceeding a daily dose about eight ounces. There’s no disputing that in moderation this is luxurious jure of fruit can really be health’s angle.

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