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SEPTEMBER MARKS the end of summer#39;s last stand as heat and humidity give way to cooler skies, balmy breezes and autumn#39;s palette of vibrant reds and golds. Make the most of the season with fall getaways that are equally rich in color and culture.9月标志着夏天最后一刻的终结,酷热和潮湿终于让道于凉爽的苍穹、和煦的微风以及秋季调色板上活力四射的红色与金色。。把握住秋天的出游时光。在这个季节,不论是赏景之行,还是文化之旅,两者都将同样丰富多。Art Attack艺术之旅SWITZERLAND // Art Basel may be long over, but this Swiss city#39;s cultural scene hums well into fall thanks to its museums. The Kunstmuseum houses Europe#39;s oldest public art collection, while the Museum für Gegenwartskunst specializes in works from 1960 onward. Best of all is the Renzo Piano-designed Beyeler Foundation, whose Maurizio Cattelan exhibition makes way next month for Thomas Schutte#39;s bronze busts.瑞士 // 巴塞尔艺术览会(Art Basel)可能已落幕许久,但由于巴塞尔坐拥众多物馆,这座瑞士城市的文化景观得以很好地延展至秋季。巴塞尔美术馆(Kunstmuseum)陈列着欧洲最古老的大众艺术收藏品,而当代艺术馆(Museum fur Gegenwartskunst)则专门展出1960年以后的作品。在诸多物馆中最出色的一家是由伦佐·皮亚诺(Renzo Piano)操刀设计的贝耶勒基金会物馆(Beyeler Foundation),现在这里正在展出毛里齐奥·卡泰兰(Maurizio Cattelan)的作品,而下个月则将进行托马斯·舒特(Thomas Schutte)的青铜半身雕像展。ITALY // November marks the end of the 55th Venice Art Biennale--which means there#39;s still plenty of time to enjoy La Serenissima at its culture-rich best. Park yourself at the newly opened Aman Canal Grande, a restored and rare palazzo monumentale near the Rialto Bridge (amanresorts.com). Also close are the Biennale#39;s best bets: from Ai Weiwei in the German Pavilion to a Ravel-inspired installation by Anri Sala in the French Pavilion.意大利 //第五十五届双年展(Venice Art Biennale)将于11月落下帷幕,这意味着你仍有许多时间可以在其文化最丰盛的双年展上欣赏水城(La Serenissima) 。将你自己置身于新开业的安缦度假村(Aman Canal Grande)内。该度假村坐落在里阿尔托桥(Rialto Bridge)附近,由一处罕见的宫殿翻修建成。靠近该度假村的还有双年展最棒的部分展出:从德国馆的艾未未到法国馆的安利·萨拉(Anri Sala),后者的录影装置作品是从拉威尔(Ravel)的音乐中汲取灵感制成的。FRANCE // This year has been Marseille#39;s moment to shine. In 2013#39;s European Capital of Culture, a new InterContinental Hotel now overlooks the historic port, where you can find the new MuCEM and Regards de Provence museums. Marseille#39;s food scene has also been updated. Try pan-Mediterranean comfort classics at Café Populaire (110 Rue Paradis; +33 4 91 02 53 96) or Philippe Moreno#39;s fish-focused restaurant at the MuCEM.法国 // 今年是马赛(Marseille)的闪光时刻。在此“2013欧洲文化之都”(2013#39;s European Capital of Culture),一家全新的洲际酒店(Intercontinental Hotel)现今正俯瞰着这个历史悠久的港口。在马赛,你能寻访到欧洲及地中海文化物馆(MUCEM)和普罗旺斯物馆(Regards de Provence)。这里的美食城也已更新换代。去Populaire咖啡厅(地址:110 Rue Paradis; 电话:+33 4 91 02 53 96)试一试泛地中海的经典菜式,或者去欧洲及地中海文化物馆菲利普·莫雷诺(Philippe Moreno)专注做鱼的餐厅尝一尝。Fall Foliage秋之落叶FRANCE // The vineyards of Limoux in the Languedoc may be best known for their sparkling wines, but they also offer one of Southern Europe#39;s most indulgent opportunities to enjoy autumnal colors. Here, as workers harvest Mauzac and Chardonnay grapes, the vine leaves transform into endless fields of orange and gold. Taste Limoux bubbly directly at its source at J. Laurens, which produces some of the area#39;s top vintages. jlaurens.fr法国 // 朗格多克(Languedoc)利穆(Limoux)葡萄园区最著名的或许是他们的起泡酒,但他们还提供南欧观赏秋景的绝佳机会之一。置身此地,在工作人员采摘莫扎克(Mauzac)和霞多丽(Chardonnay)葡萄的时节,这里的葡萄藤蔓就会变成无边无际的橙色和金色。你可直接在原产地J.劳伦斯(J. Laurens)品一品起泡酒,这里出产这一片区的部分顶级佳酿。(网址:jlaurens.fr )GERMANY // Fall colors arrive in Bavaria just in time for Oktoberfest (Sept. 21-Oct. 6). Take a break from all that lager with a visit to nearby Neuschwanstein Castle, the fairytale-like hilltop palace built by King Ludwig II in 1892 ( neuschwanstein.de ). Two hours from Munich, the castle is tucked deep in forests whose leaves seem ablaze with color. Horses and buggies can ferry you to the site, but the low-impact trail provides the most flora-filled fun.德国 // 在巴伐利亚州,秋色翩然而至,又正好赶上慕尼黑啤酒节(9月21日至10月6日)。从啤酒节中抽空游览附近的新天鹅堡(Neuschwanstein Castle),它是一座耸立于山顶、童话般的宫殿,由国王路德维希二世(King Ludwig II) 于1892年建成(网址:neuschwanstein.de)。从慕尼黑出发前往此处需两小时车程。新天鹅堡藏在森林深处,这里的树叶看起来色鲜明闪亮。马车能将你载至目的地,但这段行进省力的小径却植被茂密,提供许多生趣。NEW YORK // The Catskills may only be 90 minutes from Manhattan, but this semi-mountainous region is alive with color in the fall. Revel amid the changing leaves in the tiny town of Phoenicia, where a quartet of entrepreneurial Brooklynites recently debuted The Graham amp; Co., a hotel with 20 rustic rooms, an al fresco pool and ultra-informed staffers with full foliage knowledge. thegrahamandco.com纽约 // 凯茨奇尔(Catskills)离曼哈顿(Manhattan)可能只有90分钟车程,但这片半山区在秋季却因色而生机盎然。在腓尼基(Phoenicia)小镇,狂欢在叶色变幻中上演。在这里,四位活动主办者布鲁克林人最近在Graham amp;Co.酒店登台演出。这家酒店拥有20间乡村风格的房间,一座露天泳池以及诸多消息超灵通、植物知识渊的员工。(网址:thegrahamandco.com) /201310/260653

素食者宣言:不与食肉者性接触!They say you are what you eat, and growing numbers of vegans are shunning sex with meat-eaters because they see them as "a graveyard for animals", a New Zealand researcher says.These vegans not only refuse to eat meat or animal productsbut refuse to have sexual contact with meat-eaters because their bodies are made up of dead animals, the researcher was reported saying in The Press newspaper on Tuesday.Annie Potts, co-director of the New Zealand Centre of Human and Animal Studies at New Zealand's Canterbury University, said she coined the term vegansexuals during her research.She discovered the vegansexuals while interviewing 157 vegetarians and ethical consumers for a study."It's a whole new thing -- I have not come across it before," said Potts.One vegan said while she found non-vegans attractive, but would not want to be physically close to them."I would not want to be intimate with someone whose body is literally made up from the bodies of others who have died for their sustenance," she said. 都说“吃什么就是什么”,据新西兰的一位研究人员介绍,越来越多的素食者拒绝与食荤者进行性接触,因为他们视食肉者为“动物的墓地”。周二的《The Press》报援引这位研究人员的话说,这些素食者不仅不肯吃肉类及畜产品,而且拒绝与食肉者进行性接触,因为他们认为食肉者的身体是由死去的动物组成的。新西兰坎特伯雷大学新西兰人类与动物研究中心的联执主任安妮·波兹说,她在调查过程中杜撰了一个术语“素性主义者”。她在对157名素食主义者和道德消费者访问的过程中发现了这类“素性主义者”。波兹说:“这是一个全新的发现,我以前从未遇到过。”一位素食者称,虽然她发现非素食者很有魅力,但不想与他们进行身体上的接触。她说:“我不想与那些身体是由动物尸体组成的人亲热,那些动物都是为他们的生存而死的。” /200803/32401

A gluten-free, wheat-free store in Australia has come under fire for charging customers A (?3.50) just for looking at products on display.澳大利亚一家不含谷蛋白和小麦的食品专卖店因为向那些只看不买的顾客收取5澳元(3.5英镑)的费用而受到抨击。Celiac Supplies in Brisbane complained that it had too many people going into the store to find out which products were gluten and wheat-free and then going to buy them elsewhere.布里斯班市的Celiac Supplies食品店老板抱怨说,太多人进商店是为了看哪些产品是不含谷蛋白和小麦的,然后去其他地方购买这些产品。A poster has been put up in the store#39;s window that informs customers of the charge and explains the reasons for it.该店的橱窗贴了一张告示,告知顾客要收取“观赏费”,并解释了原因。Reddit user BarrettFox uploaded the image of the sign saying: ;When they open tomorrow I#39;m going to see how many times I can walk in and out without paying the toll.;上传这一告示图片的红迪网用户BarrettFox说:“他们明天开门的时候我就会知道自己可以走进走出多少次而不用付观赏费。”The store owner, known only as Georgina, said that 60 people went into the shop every week, asked her questions about her products, then went somewhere else to buy them.该店老板乔治娜说,每周有60人走进商店,向她询问有关她的产品的问题,然后去其他地方购买。;I#39;ve had a gutful of working and not getting paid. I#39;m not here to dispense a charity service for Coles and Woolworths to make more money,; she said.她说:“我的工作量很大却没有得到报偿。我开店不是为了给科斯超市和伍尔沃斯食品店提供慈善务让它们赚更多钱的。”;I can tell straight away who are the ratbags who are going to come in here and pick my brain and disappear.;“我立马就能分辨出哪些人是进来询问完信息就会转身离去的讨厌鬼。”She said some people had been put off by the sign but others had paid the browsing charge. She claimed her prices matched many supermarkets.她说,有些人看到告示就扭头离开,其他一些人则付了“观赏费”。她声称自己店内产品的价格和许多超市持平。The is charged initially then deducted from the bill if goods are purchased in the shop. ;This policy is in line with many other clothing, shoe and electronic stores who are also facing the same issue,; the sign s.如果在该店购买了商品,一开始收取的5澳元费用就会从账单里扣除。告示称:“这一政策和许多其他面临同样问题的装店、鞋店和电子产品店采取的策略是一致的。”Russell Zimmerman, executive director of the Australian Retailers Association, said that while he had heard of clothing stores charging customers to try on clothes, he had never known a shop to charge a browsing fee.澳洲零售商协会的执行董事拉塞尔·齐默曼说,虽然他听说过有装店向顾客收取试衣费,但他还从未听闻过收取观赏费的商店。;If I walked into the store and was told I was going to be charged to browse my immediate reaction would be to leave,; he said.他说:“如果我走进商店就被告知要缴纳观赏费,我的第一反应就是走人。”;You are missing the opportunity for the browsing customer to actually buy from you.;“你们将失去让随便看看的顾客从你们店买东西的机会。”He suggested Georgina would more likely put people off visiting her shop. Smaller stores should emphasise their unique selling point and offer good customer service to entice more business, he suggested.他指出乔治娜此举更可能让人们远离她的商店。他建议说,小型商店应该强调自己独特的卖点,向顾客提供优质的务,从而招来更多生意。 /201303/232490A U.S. man who found 300 letters to God floating in the Atlantic Ocean said on Friday he will donate them to a church instead of selling them on eBay following protests from religious people.The letters, sent to a deceased(1) Baptist(2) clergyman(3), mysteriously wound up(4) in a sealed plastic shopping bag near a beach in Atlantic City, New Jersey.Bill Lacovara, an insurance adjuster from Ventnor, New Jersey, said he waded out(5) to get the bag while on a fishing trip last week.The letters were addressed to the Rev.(6) Grady Cooper of Jersey City, New Jersey, who died in 2004. Someone cleaning his house may have discarded(7) the bag, which Lacovara found about 100 miles (160 km) from Cooper's residence.They include one from a teen-age girl asking God to forgive her for having an abortion(8), one from a prisoner who said he was innocent and wanted to be at home with his family, and one from a man who wanted God's help winning the lottery, according to media reports.Lacovara said he could have auctioned them off on eBay for up to ,000 (7,889 pounds) and would have given the money to charity. But he has withdrawn them from the online auction service because he said the move offended some religious people."There were a lot of religious fanatics(9) that were very insulted," he told Reuters. "They said they were disappointed in me, and I didn't want to do something that's going to create bad vibes(10)."Some urged him to burn the letters, throw them back in the ocean or give them to a church, Lacovara said.Lacovara said about a dozen clergymen have offered to take the letters, and he is evaluating the requests to make sure the letters don't fall into the wrong hands. 一位美国男子在大西洋中捡到300封给上帝的信。本计划在易趣上拍卖这些信件,但由于受到宗教人士的抗议,上周五他宣布会将信捐赠给教堂。这些信被放在购物袋中,是寄给一个已故浸信会牧师的,竟神奇地出现在新泽西亚特兰大附近的海滩上。新泽西文特诺保险理算员比尔·拉克维拉说他上周去钓鱼的时候发现了这个袋子。收信人是新泽西的格莱迪·库珀,已于2004年逝世。可能有人在清理他的房间的时候丢掉了这包信,拉克维拉捡到信的地方距库珀的居住地仅为100英里(160公里)。据报道称,其中一封信来自一位十几岁的小姑娘,祈求上帝原谅她做了堕胎手术; 一封来自一名囚犯,他说自己是无辜的,希望能和家人在一起;还有一封信请求上帝帮助他赢票。拉克维拉说他本能在易趣上以1万5千美元高价拍卖,然后将所得款捐赠给福利机构。但是他取消了在线拍卖,因为他说这个行为使一些宗教人士十分不满。他对路透社说:“很多狂热宗教徒感觉受到侮辱。他们说对我感到失望,我不希望这件事情使我们之间产生隔阂。”拉克维拉说有些人让他烧掉信件,重新扔回大海或者捐赠给教堂。拉克维拉说大约有十几个牧师请求带走信件,他依然在研究这些请求,以免信件落入“坏人”之手。 /200805/39780The sixth scam of Christmas is the drive-by download路过式下载Sadly you do not have to agree to download software from a malicious site for it to happen. There are ways in which malware can be wheedled on to your machine just by visiting a site.We all roam randomly around the internet, especially when looking for presents, so it is hard to avoid such sites. However, try to watch for a trail that leads you into totally uncharted waters. It#39;s difficult, but think before you click.令人沮丧的是,即便你不同一个恶意网站下载软件,骗子也能得逞。路过式下载(drive-by download)是一个在未经你同意或你不知情的情况下自动下载到计算机上的程序。And, keep your virus checker and your browser up to date. Both increasingly afford some protection again this type of scam.这种情况很难避免,因此点击前一定要三思。此外,保持病毒检查程序和浏览器的更新也是一种有效的防护措施。The seventh scam of Christmas is the fake free wi-fi假的免费wi-fiFor those who do venture out you will doubtless take refuge at some point in somewhere like a coffee shop, and often it appears to have free wi-fi.Such wi-fi connections should be considered insecure, so you should not visit any site where you need to enter credentials, card details or the like.All of that might be visible to others who can monitor your insecure connection to the free wi-fi.这种wi-fi很可能会出现在咖啡厅等地方,这种连接是很不安全的。你输入的凭据、卡的信息等重要资料都会被骗子获悉。The eighth scam of Christmas is the wi-fi probewi-fi探测Something few realise is that when we connect our mobile phone to a wi-fi, it keeps a record of the connection.Thereafter if the device is not connected to a hotspot, it continues to send out requests to connect to all the previous networks to which it had linked.These can be and we are revealing all wi-fis we have previously joined.In effect, your movements can be tracked and often your home network will even reveal where you live just by the name you have given it.Don#39;t give scammers information they might use against you in some form of con.当我们把手机连接到wi-fi,就有了连接记录。以后手机如果没有连接到新的无线热点(Hotspot),它就会继续向此前连接过的网络发送请求。这些连接记录都是可以读取的,这就意味着可以追踪你的行动甚至是住址。The ninth scam of Christmas is a combination of the last two免费wi-fiamp;wi-fi探测If you keep your mobile wi-fi turned on there are methods whereby, as your mobile sends out a request to connect to a hotspot, a scammer can then pretend to be that very wi-fi. Your mobile is relieved to have found a connection it knows and so attempts to create a link, potentially giving away your wi-fi password.如果手机wi-fi是开着的,手机会向无线热点发送连接请求,这时候虚假的wi-fi就可以趁虚而入,“假装”自己就是你所要连接的那个wi-fi。Worse still, your mobile might think it has a secure connection and start to send other data that can be picked up by the scammer.这种情况下可能会泄露你的wi-fi密码。更糟糕的是,手机以为自己在安全网络中,它会传输一些数据,而这些数据又会被骗子截获。This and the two previous scams can all be stopped by simply turning off your wi-fi on your mobile#39;s settings when not on a hotspot you trust.所以如果身处一个无法信任的无线热点,请关闭手机的wi-fi设置。The 10th scam of Christmas is the insecure website不安全网站Whether intentional or not, some websites still ask you for your credit card details - and much other valuable personal data - without offering a secure connection.一些网站会要求你给出信用卡的详细信息和其他有价值的个人数据,却无法提供安全连接。Know how your browser tells you that you have a secure connection - look for the padlock symbol or change of coloured address bar or whatever it is.If you don#39;t have a secure connection don#39;t trust that site with your details.要确定连接是否安全,可以查看挂锁标识和地址栏颜色的改变。They either can#39;t be bothered, in which case they don#39;t deserve your custom, or they#39;re a fake.Even if it is a secure connection make sure you click on the padlock symbol or similar to check that the site is registered to who you think it is.如果认为连接不可靠,不要给出详细资料。即便连接是安全的,也要确保点开的网站就是你所要上的那个网站。The 11th scam of Christmas is the Man In The Middle (MiTM)中间人A Man in the Middle add-on may be watching over everything you are doing. There is no point in having a secure connection to your bank or shopping site if there is a piece of software sitting on your machine that can all of the data before it is secured for transmission.A particularly common MiTM scam is for a ;helper; application that has been installed to make your life easier when using your browser.This helper may be helping itself to anything you enter on the screen.The safest way to avoid this is to ensure that you have no ;add-ins; running.If you know how, you can try this by manually configuring your browser but there are tools available, often from the banks free of charge, to do this for you.如果你的电脑里有一个软件可以在安全传输前读取所有的数据,那么或者购物网站的安全连接就毫无意义了。常见的“中间人”(MiTM)骗局就会将一个“Helper”软件安装到电脑里,让你使用浏览器时更加简单。但是这个软件可以访问你输入的任何东西,为了避免它的干扰,最好确保没有“插件”运行。The 12th scam of Christmas is the nastiest of them all: the phone call来电不善It is worth being sceptical about whether the person calling you is who they say they are. You#39;re having trouble with that new laptop you bought as a present. You#39;ve just about got it running but you can#39;t quite figure out how to finish it off.All of a sudden the phone rings and a voice says: ;This Microsoft/Apple/Google/Dell/HP we see that you have managed to connect to the internet using one of our machines/software but look like you could do with some support. We#39;re here to help you. All we need is your username and password…;These scammers work on the principle that eventually they will find someone in exactly that position and upon receiving such a call the frustrated user is very likely not to question but rather welcome the caller.All this caller is trying to do is help themselves to your login details and steal valuable data from your machine.Sadly, there are more than 12 scams to watch out for, but be particularly aware of those scams that take advantage of the time of year.Context is everything to the successful scam. If it appears relevant, useful or personal it is much more likely to succeed.想象一下,你买了一台新的笔记本电脑,刚刚让它开始运行,但是无法上网。这时一个电话打进来,告诉你他们可以提供帮助,只要你提供用户名和密码。事实上,骗子是想获得你的登录信息,并从你的电脑中窃取有用数据。 /201312/270433

PAINTER Luo Dan#39;s name is the Chinese transliteration of Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), the French sculptor famous for works such as ;The Age of Bronze,; ;The Thinker; and ;The Kiss.;画家罗丹的名字是奥古斯特#8226;罗丹(1840 - 1917) 的中文音译,法国著名雕塑家,作品有《青铜时代》、《思想者》和《吻》。His painter father, Luo Zhongli, an accomplished artist and president of the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, had high hopes for his son in the art world.他的画家父亲罗中立,一位多才多艺的艺术家,四川美术学院院长,在艺术界对他的儿子寄予厚望。;Frankly, my life has been quite smooth but that doesn#39;t mean my path in art has been easy,; says 32-year-old Luo, whose paintings are on exhibit at Sinan Mansions.“坦率地说,我的生活一直很顺利,但这并不意味着我的艺术之路一直很容易,” 32岁的罗丹说,他的画在思南公馆展出。With his father also a famous artist, comparisons are inevitable, but Luo says they are unfair.由于他的父亲也是一个著名艺术家,比较是不可避免的,但罗丹说这是不公平的。;I always face the same question, whether or not I feel the shadow of my father,; he says. ;No, I don#39;t. We have different backgrounds. It would be meaningless to put us together.;“我总是要面对同样的问题,我是否感觉到父亲的阴影,”他说。“不,我没有。我们有不同的背景。把我们放在一块是毫无意义的。”Luo Dan also plays the piano, violin and likes to sing.罗丹也会弹钢琴,拉小提琴,喜欢唱歌。Music is a regular theme in his work, especially the rebelliousness of rock #39;n#39; roll. His subjects sing and revel in music. From their facial expressions, viewers can almost feel their passion and hear the music that they hear.音乐是他作品中的一个常规主题,尤其是叛逆的摇滚乐。他作品中人物歌唱并陶醉在音乐中。从他们的面部表情,观众可以感受到他们的热情,听到他们所听到的音乐。Luo is quick to say that his paintings do not have a social message.罗丹很快就说他的画没有社会信息。;I am not reflecting on history and society,; he says. ;I only care about the existing world, the lifestyles of my peers.;“我没有反思历史和社会,”他说。“我只关心现有的世界,我同代人的生活方式。”His works have evolved toward themes of tradition colliding with modernity, wildness clashing with stillness.他的作品从传统与现代碰撞、野性与沉静冲突的主题演变而来。Born in Chongqing, Luo graduated from the Middle School attached to the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2000. He studied at Kunsthochschule Kassel in Germany. In 2004, he graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and studied at the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff, the UK.罗丹出生在重庆,2000年毕业于四川美术学院附属中学。他在德国卡塞尔艺术学院学习。2004年,他毕业于四川美术学院油画系,曾在英国威尔士大学卡地夫学院深造。Asked whether his father gave him artistic advice over the years, Luo says, ;I tried to hide my paintings from him since I felt a bit awkward. I want to retain the purity and distinctiveness of my own art.;问及这些年他的父亲是否给予他艺术指导,罗丹说,“我试图对他隐藏我的绘画,因为我感到有点尴尬。我想保留自己艺术的纯洁和特殊之处。” /201305/241789你和老外闹过笑话或者误会吗?中西文化差异会造成两方人对某些事情的态度和做法的不同。加强沟通,理解万岁。为了让你和老外轻松相处,我们总结出经常发生的10种误会及其解决方法。 Top 10 赞美 西方人乐于赞美别人,同时也乐于接受别人的赞美。而中国人为了显示谦恭,常常会“拒绝”他人的赞美。这种“拒绝”会让老外觉得莫明其妙,好像你不领他的情似的。 还有,中国人出于礼貌,或者想跟人套近乎,总是愿意说些关心人的话。为了献殷勤,我们常喜欢对客人说;You must be tired? Have a good rest.;。然而,普通的问候之语却有可能让西方人误解为你对她的身体状况表示担忧。他们很喜欢别人夸他们年轻、强壮,如果你质疑他们的身体健康,他们甚至会发怒的。 Top 9 致谢 中国人认为对家里人或者好朋友的帮助是one#39;s own obligation, no need to thank or be thanked,彼此根本不必说谢谢,说了反而显得关系生分。而老外对家人或者朋友的帮忙都习惯说谢谢,他们期待polite expression_rs like ;please;, ;thank you;, etc.。所以,和老外相处,千万不要吝啬“谢谢”两个字。“谢”少了只会让老外觉得你羞涩且不懂礼貌。 Top 8 出游 中国人结伴出游的时候,如果买什么东西,花钱的那个人一般都会先统计有几个人,然后按照人头购买东西,即便有人之前客气地说不要,中国人还是会给他买上一份。When a Chinese offers refreshments or drinks to his colleague, his colleague often declines the offer politely, because he doesn#39;t want to trouble the person who offers and it also shows his politeness. Normally the person who offers still prepares or buys refreshments or drinks, and this will be expected by his colleague. Sharing food and drink when going out together is common among colleagues and friends。 然而和老外结伴出游,如果你客气地推说不需要某样东西,那么对方真的就不会给你买。他们觉得不给你买是尊重你的决定。Respect one#39;s own decision, ;yes; means one wants it, ;no; means one doesn#39;t, politeness is usually shown by the expression_r #39;thank you#39; or ;please;。所以,想要什么东西,就直接说出来吧,事后真诚地说声谢谢才是他们眼中的礼貌做法。 Top 7 称呼 当外国人听到中国人称呼他们为“老外”的时候,他们心里是不高兴的,因为他们觉得自己并不老,且很健康。他们dislike being labelled as ;old;, being young valued above being old。 而当他们听到中国人管外国小孩也叫“老外”的时候,他们才明白“老”其实是对某个人的尊称,比如老张,老王。;Lao; is a commonly used term by Chinese people to address someone who is older than the speaker to show his politeness, respect and closeness. The term does not necessarily mean old age. ;Lao Wai; is a colloquial term of address for foreigners。 Top 6 送别 中国人表达情感的方式相对内敛。送别的时候,他们强忍泪水,吝于拥抱,种种“冷淡”表现让老外深感诧异。所以,如果你和老外送别,举止不妨洒脱奔放一些,可别让他们觉得你是“冷血动物”。 Like everyone else we are affectionate to our friends and relatives, but perhaps we show our affection in public less than other peoples. Maybe the whole family as well as some friends will go to the railway station or the airport to see a person off, no matter whether he/she goes abroad to study or to another province for work. This may well strike many Westerners as very moving, yet they might be puzzled when they see that nobody will hug or kiss when the time comes for saying goodbye. Friends may shake hands with the person who is leaving and parents may hold his/her hand for a long time with tears in their eyes, but with no other physical contact. In fact hugging and kissing are seldom seen in public in China, no matter what the occasion is。 Top 5 鼓掌 当众发言的时候,如果别人给自己鼓掌,为了表达谢意,中国人通常都会暂停发言,而后随着听众一起鼓掌。 In this way he expresses his thanks to the audience. 可是老外就不理解为何要自己给自己鼓掌。自己给自己鼓掌,多不谦虚啊。Of course, when a Chinese speaker claps his hands as the audience is applauding, he is not applauding himself, but expressing his thanks to his audience. As noted earlier, Westerners feel puzzled when watching such a scene, since they think the speaker or the performer is applauding himself.所以,以后老外在场,发言的人不妨用鞠躬或者挥手代替鼓掌。当然,微笑站立也是一种选择。 Top 4 眼神 许多中国人在和别人说话,或者当众发言的时候,羞于和听众进行眼神的交流。Some of them, perhaps because of nervousness, like to bury their nose in their manuscript to their speech all the time. 这种做法其实是不礼貌的。 与人交流的时候,老外expects eye contact, though this does not have to be constant. 当众发言的时候,老外look at his audience now and then. 他们是不会把脑袋埋在稿子里面说话的。 Speaking in public is also a kind of two-way communication, which needs eye contact from both sides. The speaker will certainly feel embarrassed when he sees that his audience do not look at him. But if he doesn#39;t look at his audience now and then, his audience also has the right not to listen to what he is saying. 如果你发言的时候没有勇气看听众,那么你也无权要求你的听众会和你形成良好的互动。 Top 3 送礼 中国人送礼喜欢成双,比如说两瓶酒,两条烟。一是为了显示自己不是小气人,二是为了讨个吉利数字。去朋友或者亲戚家做客,拎点水果是非常普遍的情况。但是,在西方,人们送酒的时候都是只送一瓶。One is quite enough, two are of course welcome but unusual and not expected. 因为他们吃饭的时候要喝客人带来的酒,如果客人拿了两瓶,似乎表明客人是个酒鬼,主人恐怕一瓶酒不够喝。去朋友家做客一般也不送水果。水果一般是作为看望病人时候的礼物。看完此文,希望大家能避开误解的雷区,沟通无极限,交友无国界。而且,中国人接到别人的礼物,为了显示自己不是个贪财之人,习惯于把礼物悄悄放在一旁,然后等客人离开后再拆开包装;而老外则希望你当着他的面打开礼物,并对他的礼物赞美一番。 In the West , it is regarded as polite to open gifts as soon as they are given to express appreciation. In China, the situation is quite the reverse. Normally we Chinese feel that if you open the gift as soon as it is given, you might embarrass the person who gives the gift and you might be thought greedy. So Chinese people tend to open the gifts after the visitors have left. What is more, many people send gifts without wrapping them, and if they wrap them, they usually tell the receiver what is inside, and the receiver will thank the sender and put the gift aside without unwrapping them since they aly know what is inside. However, when we receive gifts from an English native speaker, in order to avoid misunderstanding, we may follow their custom by opening the gifts in front of him or her and express our appreciation。 Top 2 做客 中国人去别人家串门的时候都喜欢随处逛,到处看。可老外是怎么看待这些行为的呢?;I#39;m often taken aback by the way visitors come round to my flat and seem to feel free to take the place over, putting on the telly, pulling down books from my shelves, even peering at letters I#39;ve left lying around on the desk.; 虽说让客人感到宾至如归是好的待客之道,但老外还是忌讳你在做客的时候在他家里东逛西逛,甚至偷窥他的隐私。同样的,涉及到薪资、年龄等隐私问题我们也不要张口就问。 Top 1 吃饭 “人是铁,饭是钢。一顿不吃饿得慌。”我们和老外的交往许多时候都发生在饭桌上。中国人请老外去家里吃饭,可能会准备8-10道菜。你最好让老外有个心理准备,要么他们很可能根本没有肚子去吃后面的菜了。他们可能会觉得中国人hospitable, if anything too hospitable。 如果你去老外家吃饭,也许桌上仅仅就准备了一道菜!而且他们也喜欢说;The dishes are quite good; these dishes are quite famous;,绝对不像中国人喜欢说:“准备不周,凑合吃点吧。” 还有,中国人为了显示热情,喜欢给别人夹菜。但是老外却不喜欢要别人给自己夹菜。;I don#39;t think I#39;ll ever get used to the eating habits out here. You know, the way people put things on your plate...; 老外乐于让人自主选择喜欢的食物。They think to help yourself is the best way. Foreigners give guests the chance to choose what is their favourite。 和老外吃饭,中国人千万不要谦虚含蓄。;Chinese never seem hungry when they come round to my place. Whenever I ask callers if they#39;d like a bite to eat they always say no.; 大多数老外都是实在人。当他们问你要不要吃点什么的时候,如果你谢绝了,他们会尊重你的决定,真的不给你东西吃哦。所以说,饿了就喊出来吧。 一句话,外国人的表达及处世方式更为直接,而中国人则更显圆滑。Foreigners never pretend to be modest. They just tell others what they think. If a Chinese person is faced with the same situation, maybe he or she would say, ;I#39;m sorry. The restaurant is a little bit small and the dishes are just so so, but I hope you#39;ll enjoy yourself.;10大误会盘点完毕。希望今后你和老外相处的时候,能够避开雷区。沟通无极限,交流无国界。 /201312/269602

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