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长春医大一院月经不调多少钱The Hawk jets of Britain’s Red Arrows display team fly 600 miles on one tank so they had to make 22 stops on their way to promote UK industry at China’s Zhuhai air show.英国“红箭Red Arrows)飞行表演队的“鹰Hawk)式教练机航程00英里,因此为了在中国珠海举行的航空展上推广英国的航空业,它们沿路不得不停靠了22站。Aircraft manufacturers from Boeing and Airbus to Bombardier and Embraer are also going to great lengths to impress China, whether by promoting new models such as the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787, offering big discounts or promising to help the development of China’s aviation industry.从波Boeing)和空Airbus)、到庞巴Bombardier)和巴西航空工业公Embraer)等飞机制造商,也为了给中国留下深刻印象而不遗余力,或是推销新机型(如空客A350和波87)、大打折扣,或是承诺帮助推动中国航空业的发展。While Beijing’s mission to build its own airliners has gathered pace, western executives at the biennial show in the southern province of Guangdong do not expect a local competitor soon.尽管北京方面建造国产大型客机的任务加快了步伐,但是参加这个在广东省举办的两年一届的航空展的西方高管并不认为很快会有本土竞争者出现。“China is our biggest market in terms of airplane deliveries and future orders for the next 20 years,says Darren Hulst, Boeing’s managing director for marketing in north-east Asia. “The Zhuhai air show is about meeting customers, interacting with the government, with financiers, lessors and banks and recognising the industry that Chinese aviation has become.”“在飞机交付量和未来20年的订单方面,中国是我们最大的市场,”波音负责东北亚地区营销的执行董事戴赫尔斯特(Darren Hulst)表示,“本届珠海航空展是见客户、与政府、金融机构、租赁公司和接触的机会,同时见识中国航空业如今的样子。”Although economic growth is slowing in China, aviation executives are betting that demand for air travel will remain strong as Beijing shifts its focus from developing capital-intensive industries to promoting domestic consumption and the services sector.尽管中国经济增长正在放缓,但是航空业的高管正在押注,随着北京方面把重心从发展资本密集型产业转向促进国内消费和推动务业增长,航空旅行的需求将保持强劲。Boeing predicts China will spend tn on 6,800 passenger aircraft during the next 20 years as air travel in the world’s most populous nation grows by an average of 6.4 per cent per year, outpacing the global average of 4.8 per cent.波音预计,随着这个全球人口最多的国家的航空客运量以平均每.4%的速度增长——超过全球平.8%的增速——未0年中国将花费1万亿美元购买6800架客机。China’s first domestically produced passenger jet, the 80-100 seat ARJ21, entered service this year.中国首个国产客机机型0-100座的ARJ21今年投入运营。State-owned Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, which makes the ARJ21, is also working on the bigger C919, designed to compete directly with the Boeing 737 and Airbus A319/A320 families that are the mainstay of short-haul aviation globally.制造ARJ21的国有企业中国商用飞机有限责任公司(Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China,简称中国商飞),还在研发更大型的C919机型,旨在与全球短途航空领域的中流砥柱波音737和空客A319/A320家族展开直接竞争。Industry executives in Zhuhai stressed the difficulty of going from small production runs and prototypes to making successful families of passenger aircraft.珠海航空展上的行业高管强调了从小产量和原型机到打造成功客机家族的难度。“This is an industry that requires a lot of time, a lot of experience and a lot of funds,says Colin Bole of Bombardier, the Canadian manufacturer that has launched its C-series airliners after years of delays and cost overruns. “I’ve no doubt that funds are available in China but it takes mistakes and going wrong on earlier projects to be truly successful.”“这个行业需要很多时间、很多经验和很多资金,“加拿大飞机制造商庞巴迪的科林.尔(Colin Bole)称,“我从不怀疑中国有足够的资金,但是要经历早期项目中的错误和走错路,才能真正成功。”庞巴迪在多年的延迟和成本超后,推出了其C系列的大型客机。Another foreign industry executive put it more directly, questioning whether impressive Chinese designs will ever be marketable. “Their prototypes have gone from being paper tigers to iPad tigers,he says, inspecting a tablet showing details of a wide-body jet at Comac’s stall in Zhuhai.另外一位外国行业高管更加直接,他质疑令人印象深刻的中国设计是否会有销路。“他们的原型机从纸老虎变成了iPad上的老虎,”他在珠海航空展的中国商飞展台上看平板电脑上一架宽体喷气式飞机的细节时表示。Boeing and Airbus, along with other foreign manufacturers, are under pressure to share know-how in exchange for access to the market.波音和空客、以及其他外国制造商,目前面临分享专有技术以换取市场准入的压力。Both source a significant number of components in the country, where Airbus started to build a second production facility this year, with Aviation Industry Corporation of China, its state-owned joint venture partner.两者都从中国采购大量零件。空客今年与国企中国航空工业集团公司(Aviation Industry Corporation of China)合作,开始在中国合资建设第二个生产设斀?Boeing has revealed its intention to establish its first manufacturing facility in China, working alongside Comac to put the finishing touches to 737s.波音透露了在中国开设第一个生产设施的意图,目前正在与中国商飞敲定737完工与交付中心的最后细节。Fran#231;ois Caudron, senior vice-president of marketing at Airbus, says selling aircraft in any big market requires “give and take highlighting the company’s decision to open a final assembly line in the US last year.空客负责营销的高级副总裁弗朗索瓦.科德Fran#231;ois Caudron)称在任何大型市场销售飞机都要求“平等交换”,并强调了该公司去年在美国开设总装线的决定。While his company has built industrial facilities in China “the know-how remains with Airbus尽管空客在中国建立了生产设施,但是“专有技术仍然为空客所有”。“Do we build our own competitor? We don’t think so,he says. “There is competition coming but by the time they get a real family [of aircraft] proven and established, I think we still have good days ahead of us.”“我们是培养竞争者吗?我们不这么认为,”他称,“未来会有竞争,但是在他们真正拥有完善、成熟的(客机)家族之前,我认为我们仍然有好日子过。”来 /201611/476247辽源中医院四维彩超多少钱Here is a very modest test of your imagination. It is December and Hillary Clinton is the president-elect. Not only did she beat Donald Trump but the Democrats retook the Senate and cut the Republican majority in the House of Representatives. The US is gearing up for a third Clinton White House or is it a third Obama term? Moreover, she will start on very low expectations. Whatever she can squeeze out of a horribly poisoned environment will be a bonus. 以下对你的想象力进行一次非常温和的测试。现在是12月,希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)是美国当选总统。她不仅击败唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump),而且民主党人重新掌控参议院,并削弱了共和党在众议院的多数席位。美国将迎来克林顿夫妇第三次入主白宫——或者是奥巴马的第三个任期?此外,希拉里将从外界非常低的预期起步。她从已被毒化的可怕环境无论争取到何种成果,都将是意外收获True, her dignity is in tatters. Mr Trump made sure of that in what was the most vicious general election ever. His supporters will remain undyingly hostile. But in today’s climate it is about as good as you get. Mrs Clinton has been handed a bunch of lemons. Her job is to make lemonade. 没错,她的尊严已荡然无存。特朗普在史上最激烈的总统大选中确保了这一点。他的持者们仍将对希拉里充满敌意。但在如今的氛围下,你能得到的也就是这么多。希拉里被递给一堆柠檬。她的任务是制作柠檬水Too much of a stretch? It should not be. Bernie Sandersemphatic caucus victories in Washington state, Alaska and Hawaii on Saturday night are a reminder that Mrs Clinton remains distrusted by much of her party’s base. But she is still firmly on course for the Democratic nomination. Moreover, most senior Republicans have all but written off the next White House. Their goal in 2016 is damage limitation. If Mr Trump wins a majority of delegates, they will have to hold their noses and live with him. But most would prefer to be defeated with Ted Cruz on the ticket. 这有些异想天开?应该不是。伯#8226;桑德Bernie Sanders)上周六晚间在华盛顿州、阿拉斯加和夏威夷的初选中大获全胜提醒人们,希拉里依然不被党内许多基层选民信任。但她仍在大踏步走向获得民主党总统候选人的提名。与此同时,大多数的共和党大佬几乎放弃了该党今年问鼎白宫的希望。他们在2016年的目标是“损害限制”。如果特朗普获得多数选举人票,他们将不得不捏着鼻子认了。但大多数人将宁愿让特德#8226;克鲁Ted Cruz)作为共和党总统候选人输掉大选To say there is no love lost between Mr Cruz and his colleagues is an understatement . But that is not the point. Either Mr Trump or Mr Cruz would go down to Mrs Clinton in November. Only Mr Cruz would keep the Republican Party intact. Furthermore, unlike Mr Trump, Mr Cruz is a conventional, if extreme, ideologue. His defeat would dispel the myth that Republicans keep losing because they fail to choose true conservatives. The scene would be set for someone like Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, to recapture the White House in 2020. 说克鲁兹和党内同僚彼此间没有好感是客气话。但问题不在这里。无论是特朗普还是克鲁兹都会在今1月败给希拉里。但只有克鲁兹会让共和党全身而退。此外,与特朗普不同,克鲁兹是一个常规(即使有些极端)的理论家。他的落败将打破这样一种神话,即共和党人屡战屡败是因为他们未能推选出真正的保守派候选人。这将为众议院议长保#8226;瑞安(Paul Ryan)或其他人020年问鼎白宫搭起舞台In reality, however, this is likelier to be a contest between Mrs Clinton and Mr Trump. What a fight it will be. For opposition researchers the “opposwhose living it is to dig up whatever dirt they can find a Clinton-Trump ticket is an election made in heaven. Never before in US politics have two such well-documented figures come face to face. 然而,在现实中,更有可能的情况是希拉里和特朗普展开对决。这将是一场异常激烈的角力。对选举对手研究员来说——他们的生计是尽可能挖掘对手的污点——希拉里对阵特朗普是一场天作选举。美国政治从未有过两个如此长期备受瞩目的人物展开竞争Mr Trump has been a household name in New York since the late 1970s when he began to play the local tabloids. Mrs Clinton has been a national figure since 1992, when she first came to attention as the Arkansas governor’s ambitious wife. The “vast rightwing conspiracyagainst Mrs Clinton has been up and running for more than two decades. The string of Trumpian nightclub photo-ops goes back four decades. Mr Trump would be the first nominee whose spouse, Melania, has posed nude in a magazine. That would be a first for a prospective First Lady. Mrs Clinton would be the first nominee whose husband has had sexual encounters in the Oval Office. Could you invent this? 自上世纪70年代开始运营当地小报以来,特朗普在纽约一直是家喻户晓的人物。自1992年作为阿肯色州州长雄心勃勃的妻子首次引起注意以来,希拉里就一直是全国知名人士。针对希拉里的“庞大右翼阴谋”持续了20多年。特朗普出入夜总会提供0年的摄影机会。特朗普将是首位配偶梅拉尼娅(Melania)裸体照片曾登上一家杂志的提名候选人。那将是潜在第一夫人中的首例。而希拉里将是首名丈夫曾在椭圆办公室出轨的提名候选人。你能编造出这些八卦吗? In truth, Mrs Clinton will be blessed in her opponent. In any other situation, she would have entered the 2016 election as an odds-even prospect at best. With Mr Trump, she is the overwhelming favourite. Fifty-six per cent of Americans disapprove of Mrs Clinton and an even larger share distrust her. No one has ever made it to the White House with negative trust numbers. But luck is on her side. Among a field of candidates with higher ratings than Mrs Clinton, Republicans have singled out the only one whose numbers are far worse. Two-thirds of Americans disapprove of Mr Trump. Moreover, women disapprove of him by far larger margins. Since women vote in higher numbers than men (even angry white men), this ought to doom Mr Trump’s chances. 事实上,希拉里将会因竞争对手而受惠。在其他任何情况下,她进016年大选时的胜算充其量只有一半。在与特朗普对决的情况下,她将是占有压倒性优势的热门人选6%的美国人不持希拉里,而不信任她的人数比例甚至更高。从未有人在不信任比例超过一半的情况下问鼎白宫。但是运气惠顾她这一边。共和党本来有多名持率超过希拉里的候选人,该党却偏偏让唯一一位持率糟糕得多的候选人脱颖而出。三分之二的美国人不持特朗普。此外,不持特朗普的女性比例要高得多。由于女性投票比例高于男性(甚至愤怒的白人男性),这应该会葬送特朗普的机会Could these numbers be wrong? Of course. It is human beings who vote in elections, not pieces of data. But primary voters are more volatile and extreme than general electorates. A pollster’s chances of mis-forecasting the Iowa caucus, for example, are far higher than miscuing in the general. 这些数据可能错误吗?当然有可胀?毕竟,在选举中投票的是人、而不是数据。但初选选民比大选选民更为反复无常和极端。例如,民意调查员错误预测爱荷华州党团会议的几率远高于整体误判For Mrs Clinton, the most critical number is Mr Obama’s approval rating. This has been creeping up steadily for the past few months and now hovers at around 50 per cent. If it stays there, Mrs Clinton is set fair. It will dictate that she ensures there will be no crack of daylight between her and the sitting president before November 8. There are many areas, most notably foreign policy, where Mrs Clinton differs with Mr Obama . She has a more activist vision of US diplomacy and would have fewer qualms about asserting military power in Syria and elsewhere. She has said she does not want her grandchildren to grow up in a China-dominated world. 对希拉里来说,最关键的数据是奥巴马的持率。在过去几个月里奥巴马的持率一直稳步攀升,现在徘徊0%左右。如果继续保持这个持率,希拉里就赢定了。这将需要希拉里确保1日前和现任总统不会公开分歧。希拉里在许多领域(尤其是外交政策)与奥巴马存在分歧。她认为美国外交应更有作为,而且不太担心在叙利亚和其他地方动用武力。她已经说过,不希望自己的孙辈在中国主导的世界长大But all that can wait until January. Mr Obama is itching to campaign on Mrs Clinton’s behalf and she will need his help to bring out the African Americans, the Hispanics, the young and the progressives. As I say, it will be a vicious battle that will bring little credit to democracy. Mrs Clinton still lacks a coherent message and most Americans distrust her. A large minority hates her. Mr Trump will channel that raw sentiment. Long after he has been defeated and the spectre of a Trump administration dispelled his army of supporters will live on. That genie is out of the bottle. Mrs Clinton will finally have achieved her ambition. But the age of extreme incivility will be only just beginning. 但这一切可以等到明月再说。奥巴马渴望代表希拉里展开竞选——而后者将需要奥巴马的帮助来吸引非裔美国人、拉美裔美国人、年轻人和进步人士。正如我前面所说的,这将是一场很难为民主体制增色的激烈竞争。希拉里仍缺乏连贯的政见,大多数美国人不信任她。还有一个为数不少的少数群体憎恨她。特朗普将利用那种原始情绪。在他被击败——以及“特朗普政府”的魅影消散——之后很久,他的持者阵营仍将存在。魔鬼已经逃出了瓶子。希拉里最终将实现其野心。但极端不文明的时代将只是刚刚拉开帷幕。来 /201603/434368The first-ever ;globally televised; debate last Tuesday kicked off at UN Headquarters in New York for 10 of the 12 candidates, who announced their bid to become the next UN secretary-general, and they took questions from diplomats and the public at large.上周二,史上首次在全球范围内电视播放的辩论会在联合国纽约总部拉开帷幕2位宣布竞选下任联合国秘书长的候选人中的10位参加了此次电视辩论,他们回答了来自外交官及公众代表的提问。The debate is available free from UNTV and Al Jazeera Media Network.此次辩论由联合国电视台、半岛媒体集团免费播放。Ten candidates to have confirmed participation, after drawing of lots, have been split into two groups to participate in discussions and answer questions.10位已确认参加辩论的候选人在抽签后,分成两组参与讨论、回答提问。The first group consists of Vesna Pusic of Croatia, Antonio Guterres of Portugal, Susana Malcorra of Argentina, Vuk Jeremic of Serbia and Natalia Gherman of Moldova.第一组包括来自克罗地亚的韦斯娜·普希奇、来自葡萄牙的安东尼古特瑞斯、来自阿根廷的苏珊娜·马尔科拉、来自塞尔维亚的武克·耶雷米奇以及来自尔多瓦的纳塔利娅·盖尔曼。In the second group are Helen Clark of New Zealand, Danilo Turk of Slovenia, Christiana Figueres of Costa Rica, Igor Luksic of Montenegro and Irina Bokova Bulgaria.而在第二组中,则有新西兰的海伦·克拉克、斯洛文尼亚的达尼洛·图尔克、哥斯达黎加的克里斯蒂安娜·菲格雷斯、黑山的伊戈尔·卢克希奇和保加利亚的伊琳娜·科娃。The current UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, is to step down on Dec 31 after two five-year terms.两届任期(每届任期5期满后,现任联合国秘书长潘基文将21日卸任。The president of the General Assembly, Mogens Lykketoft said UN secretaries-general have been chosen behind closed doors in the past.联合国大会主席莫根斯·吕克托夫特表示,联合国秘书长的竞选已经秘密地进行了;This time, we want to ensure all UN member states, and the entire world, have a chance to know who the candidates are, what their vision is and see how they perform,; he said.他说:“此次辩论是为了让全世界以及所有联合国会员国了解各位下任秘书长候选人,了解他们的愿景是什么,并看看他们的表现。”来 /201607/456094长春正规医院做一次人流得多少钱

吉林二院看产科需要多少钱长春做流产需要多少钱Donald J. Trump’s behavior in recent days the political threats to the House speaker, Paul D. Ryan; the name-calling on Twitter; the attacks on Hillary Clinton’s marriage has deeply puzzled Republicans who expected him to move to unite the party, start acting presidential and begin courting the female voters he will need in the general election.唐纳德·J·特朗Donald J. Trump)最近几天的行为——对众议院议长保罗·D·瑞安(Paul D. Ryan)发出政治威胁、在Twitter上骂人、攻击希拉里·克林Hillary Clinton)的婚姻——让一些共和党人深感困惑。他们本希望特朗普行动起来,团结全党,开始让自己的行事有总统的样子,并着手争取他在大选中所需要的女性选民的持。But Mr. Trump’s choices reflect an unusual conviction: He said he had a “mandatefrom his supporters to run as a fiery populist outsider and to rely on his raucous rallies to build support through “word of mouth,rather than to embrace a traditional, mellower and more inclusive approach that congressional Republicans will advocate in meetings with him on Thursday.但特朗普的选择反映出了一个与众不同的信念:他称自己得到了持者的“授权”,要以一个四射的民粹主义局外人的身份竞选,并依靠喧闹嘈杂的集会,通过“口口相传”的方式来寻求持,而不是采取更老练、更全面的传统方式。国会的共和党人将在周四与他举行会面时倡导后一种方式。Mr. Trump’s strategy is replete with risks. Roughly 60 percent of Americans view him negatively, according to pollsters, who say more-of-the-same Trump is not likely to improve those numbers. While a majority of Republican primary voters said they were looking for a political outsider, Mr. Trump will face a majority of voters in November who prefer a candidate with political experience, according to primary exit polls and several national polls. Many Republicans think they will lose the presidency and seats in the House and Senate if he continues using language that offends women and some racial and religious groups.特朗普的战略充满风险。民调显示,0%的美国人对特朗普持负面评价,并称不作出重大改变的特朗普不太可能改善这些数据。尽管大部分共和党初选选民称他们期待出现一个政治局外人,但初选出口民调和几次全国性民调显示,特朗1月面对的选民中,大多数更喜欢有政治经验的候选人。很多共和党人认为,如果特朗普继续使用会冒犯女性及一些种族和宗教团体的语言,他们将失去总统的宝座和参众两院的席位。Still, Mr. Trump’s message, tone and policy ideas have drawn followers who are more passionate than Republican nominees typically enjoy, and he has monopolized the political conversation and news coverage of the race. Some Republicans argue that he cannot afford to change his stripes too much, while strategists in both parties say he is shrewdly sticking with a style that drowns out attacks that could deepen his negative rating.但特朗普的观点、口吻和政策理念依然吸引了一些追随者。他们比典型的持共和党提名人选的选民更热情,并且特朗普垄断了有关政治的谈话和新闻媒体对选举的报道。一些共和党人称特朗普不能改变太多,而两党的策略师则称他是在精明地坚持一种风格,这种风格会把可能加深对其负面评价的攻击淹没。“His rally rants and Twitter brawls are meant to dominate the media coverage and public conversation so that Democratic challenges have less space to break through all of the noise,said Guy Cecil, the chief strategist and co-chairman of Priorities USA, the “super PACsupporting Mrs. Clinton. “He doesn’t want people talking about his record or positions.”“他在集会上的咆哮和在Twitter上的争吵是为了主导媒体报道和公众谈话,这样一来民主党的挑战就没有太多余地去突破所有这些噪音,”持克林顿的超级政治行动委员会“优先美国Priorities USA)的首席策略师、联合主席盖伊·塞西尔(Guy Cecil)说。“他不想让人们讨论他的履历或职务。”Mr. Trump, in a telephone interview, compared his candidacy to hit Broadway shows and championship baseball teams, saying that success begot success and that he would be foolish to change his behavior now.接受电话采访时,特朗普将自己的候选人身份比作热门的百老汇演出和夺冠的棒球队,称成功是成功之母,并表示现在改变行为举止是愚蠢的。“You win the pennant and now you’re in the World Series you gonna change?Mr. Trump said. “People like the way I’m doing.”“在联盟内获胜了,现在要参加世界大赛,这时候改变?”特朗普说。“人们喜欢我现在的方式。”He argued that he stood a better chance of inspiring voters in states like Ohio and Pennsylvania if he was his authentic self, rather than shifting from populist outsider to political insider to please a relative handful of Republican elites who are part of the establishment he has railed against for months. He said his huge rallies, where outbursts of violence and racist taunts have vexed many Republican leaders, and his attacks against adversaries on Twitter and in television interviews would continue because he believes Americans admire his aggressive, take-charge style. 他说,只要坚持做真实的自己,而不是从一个民粹主义外行变成一个政治内行,以取悦相对而言属于少数的共和党精英,他就有更大的机会去争取俄亥俄和宾夕法尼亚等州选民。共和党精英正是他数月来所抨击的建制派的一部分。他说他会继续举办大型集会,继续在Twitter上和电视采访中攻击对手,因为他相信美国人欣赏他这种好斗、发号施令的风格。持特朗普的集会上爆发的暴力行为和种族歧视的奚落言语,使很多共和党领袖大为恼火。“I think I have a mandate from the people,Mr. Trump continued, referring to his victories in 29 states, including Nebraska and West Virginia on Tuesday night. “The people are tired of incompetent leadership at the highest level. They’re tired of trade deals that are ripping our jobs apart and taking their wages.”“我认为我得到了人民的授权,”特朗普继续说。他指的是他9个州取得的胜利,包括周二晚上在内布拉斯加和西弗吉尼亚州的获胜。“人们厌倦了最高领导人的无胀?他们厌倦了就业机会被破坏,厌倦了掠夺他们的工资的贸易协议。”Mandates are usually claimed after a presidential candidate wins a general election, not a party nomination, but part of Mr. Trump’s style and strategy is to project a supreme confidence in himself and his popularity with voters. Several Republicans said they put little stock in his claim, arguing that he had won support from only a fraction of the electorate and had yet to prove he was worthy of leading the entire Republican Party, not just his fractious and highly visible wing.总统候选人通常是在赢得大选,而不是党内提名后称自己获得了授权,但特朗普的风格和战略的一部分就是展现对他自己,以及选民对他的持的超级自信。多名共和党人表示他们几乎不信特朗普的话,称他只是赢得了全体选民中的一小部分人的持,尚需明他适合领导整个共和党,而不只是他所在的那个脾气暴躁且爱出风头的派系。“Donald Trump did earn a mandate from Republican primary voters,said Senator Patrick J. Toomey, a Republican facing a tough re-election fight in Pennsylvania, whose primary Mr. Trump won with 57 percent of the vote. “My advice to him is that he should now consider how he will appeal to the many Republican and non-Republican voters who have serious concerns about his candidacy.“唐纳德·特朗普的确从共和党初选选民那里赢得了授权,”面临着激烈的连任竞选大战的宾夕法尼亚州共和党参议员帕特里克·J·图米(Patrick J. Toomey)说。“我对他的建议是,他现在应该考虑如何吸引对他的候选人身份严重关切的很多共和党和非共和党选民。”在该州的初选中,特朗普赢得7%的选票。Former Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire said that electoral mandates were a fallacy in American politics, and that leaders only did well when they focused on “ideas in the center that unite people.”前新罕布什尔州参议员贾德·格雷格(Judd Gregg)称,选民的授权是美国政治中的一个谬论,领导人只有在把重点放在“把人们团结起来的核心理念”上时,才会有好的表现。“I don’t even think the 1980 Reagan landslide gave Reagan a mandate,said Mr. Gregg, whose state gave Mr. Trump his first win in the primaries, and who has not decided if he will follow through on his pledge to support the Republican nominee. “He was effective because the country was in terrible shape and he was able to bring large numbers of people behind his ideas. Trump hasn’t done that.”“我甚至认为里根1980年的压倒性胜利都没让他得到授权,”尚未决定是否兑现持共和党提名人选承诺的格雷格说。在他所在的州,特朗普赢得了初选中的首场胜利。“他取得了成效是因为当时国家是一个烂摊子,他能够让大量民众持自己的观点。特朗普还没做到这一点。”But Patrick J. Buchanan, the conservative commentator and past presidential candidate, said Mr. Trump was rallying historic numbers of voters with a mix of conservative ideas and anti-establishment populism that evoked, among other politicians, Ross Perot and his magnetic appeal in the 1992 campaign. Mr. Perot lost, of course, but Mr. Buchanan said that Mr. Trump might stand a better chance.但曾经竞选过总统的保守派人士帕特里克·J·布坎Patrick J. Buchanan)表示,特朗普正在用保守思想和反正统民粹主义的结合,团结一群规模空前庞大的选民。这种反正统民粹主义让人想起了罗斯·佩Ross Perot)等政界人物,以及佩罗992年竞选总统时的魅力。当然佩罗失败了,但布坎南称特朗普的机会可能更大一些。“With the largest Republican turnout ever, Trump eliminated 16 rivals and is on track to winning more votes than any Republican nominee in history,he said. “That gives him a mandate to lead the Republican Party and move ahead with his plans to secure the border, pull back from foreign interventions and wars, and end these terrible trade deals.”“在共和党投票人数达到有史以来的最高水平的情况下,特朗普淘汰了16名竞争对手,并且有望成为史上获得选票最多的共和党提名人,”他说。“这授权他领导共和党,并推进保护边境、从境外干预和战争中抽身,以及结束这些糟糕的贸易协议的计划。”In Mr. Trump’s view, the rallies and the Twitter wars even when he is punching down against a little-known evangelical leader (Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention) and a cable talk show host (Joe Scarborough of MSN), as he did recently are crowd-pleasers, creating buzz that is critical to dominating the political landscape and overshadowing Mrs. Clinton’s message and attacks. Last week, he kept his commitments for rallies in Nebraska, Oregon and Washington State, even though he aly had a lock on the nomination. 在特朗普看来,集会和Twitter上的战火——即便是在他像前不久所做的那样,攻击一名鲜为人知的基督教福音派领袖(美南浸信会[Southern Baptist Convention]的罗素·尔[Russell Moore])和一个有线频道脱口秀节目主持人(MSN的乔·斯卡伯勒[Joe Scarborough])时——都是取悦民众的行为,能够制造轰动,而这这种轰动,对主导政治形势和让克林顿的言论及攻击黯然失色是至关重要的。上周,他履行了在内布拉斯加、俄勒冈和华盛顿州举行集会的诺言,尽管他已牢牢锁定了提名。“In a Broadway theater, the best, the best, absolute best sale is called ‘word of mouth,said Mr. Trump, who once dabbled in theater producing. “If people love a Broadway show, it’s better than if you write a good review. Word of mouth is the No. 1 thing. And the word of mouth at my rallies is like, ‘You’ve got to go see it.And, you know, one person goes and they talk about it to 20 people.”“在百老汇剧院里,最最好,绝对是最好的销售技巧叫‘口口相传’,”曾涉足戏剧制作的特朗普说。“要是人们喜欢百老汇的一出戏,这比写一篇优秀的剧评管用。口口相传是第一位的。而我的集会上的口口相传就是,‘你一定要去看看啊。’而且你知道的,一个人去了,他们就会告0个人。”来 /201605/443191吉大第三医院官网吉林第二医院体检

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