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武汉韩城辰医院隆胸价格武汉市第三医院首义院区双眼皮多少钱黄石市全身脱毛手术多少钱 Fearing Bioterrorism 害怕生物恐怖主义Natalie: Why are you wearing that gas mask? 你为什么戴着那件防毒面具?Anton: I’m getting used to it. If we ever have a bioterrorist attack, I’ll be y. Want to try one on? 我习惯了如果发生生物恐怖袭击的话,我就准备好了你想戴一个不?Natalie: No, thanks. If we get involved in biological warfare, I think we’ll have some warning. 不,谢了如果我们卷入生物战,会有警告发出的Anton: That’s what you think. Airborne toxins, bacteria, or viruses could be in the air right now, and you and I wouldn’t be able to detect it. It could infect you in the blink of an eye. 那是你的想法可能现在空气中就有毒素,细菌或病毒呢,你我都不能察觉到一眨眼功夫就会传染给你Natalie: Then I’ll be sick or dead anyway. So who cares? 然后我会生病或者死去管它呢Anton: I said we wouldn’t be able to detect it, but there are agencies with early detection equipment that could. As soon as they sound the alarm, we can put on our gas masks and take other precautions. 我说过我们不能监测到,但是有机构拥有早期监测设备只要他们发出警告,我们就能戴上防毒面具,并采取其他预防措施Natalie: If we’re really attacked by bioterrorists, what good is early detection? It’s not like you can really escape the toxins. 如果我们真的遭到生物恐怖分子袭击,早发现有什么好处?你又不能逃离毒气Anton: Don’t pooh-pooh these preparations. They could be the difference between life and death when the time comes. 不要藐视这些准备关键时候可能会事关生死Natalie: Right. In the meantime, I think I’ll just get dressed – without the stylish gas mask. 没错在此之前,我想我就穿上衣得了,不戴时尚防毒面具了 579Oliver: I had the most hair-raising experience of my life this past weekend.奥利弗:上周末,我经历了人生中最令人毛骨悚然的事情Alena: What happened?艾莲娜:发生了什么事?Oliver: You know that George bought an old house, right? Well, he been telling us that it haunted, so a lark, a few of us decided to spend the weekend there to see if we would have any supernatural experiences.奥利弗:你知道吗,乔治买了一间老宅?他一直说那里闹鬼,我们几个不相信,于是决定周末去那里一探究竟,看我们会不会遇上什么灵异事件Alena: Are you telling me that you saw ghosts?艾莲娜:你不会告诉我你看到鬼了吧?Oliver: Im not sure what we saw, heard, or felt. Everything was fine when we got there, but then we started hearing strange noises and I started to get goosebumps. The other guys tried to play it off, but I know they were scared, too.奥利弗:我不确定我们看见了什么,或者是听到,感觉到了什么我们去的时候一切都好,之后就开始听到奇怪的声响,然后我就开始浑身起鸡皮疙瘩其他人故作镇定地谈笑,但我知道他们也很害怕Alena: What did George say about the noises?艾莲娜:乔治说那声响是怎么回事?Oliver: He laughed when he saw us jump out of our skins, and told us we were wusses. He said he heard those noises every night and they didnt have him quaking in his boots.奥利弗:看到我们大惊小怪的样子后,他就哈哈大笑,并说我们是胆小鬼他说他每天晚上都会听见这声响,对他来说不足为奇Alena: Did anything else happen?艾莲娜:还发生了其它什么事情吗?Oliver: Well, when we went to bed, the house got very cold and drafty, like there was something passing by me very closely, but I couldnt see it. That sent me over the edge.奥利弗:当然,当我们躺在床上睡觉时,屋子变得异常阴冷就像有什么东西紧贴着我飘过去一样,但是我看不见它我害怕地躲在床沿Alena: Has it ever occurred to you that George was playing a prank on you guys?艾莲娜:你有没有想过是乔治在恶作剧呢?Oliver: A prank? It was no prank. In the middle of the night when we saw the strange faces in the windows, even George was scared stiff. By that time, all of us were petrified. It was no prank. That house is haunted.奥利弗:恶作剧?不是恶作剧午夜时分,我们看到窗子上的奇怪的脸,就连乔治也吓得僵掉那时我们都吓呆了根本不是恶作剧,那个屋子确实闹鬼Alena: Ooh, a real haunted house. Id love to spend the night there, too. Do you think George would let you stay there again and let me come, too?艾莲娜:哦,一个真正的鬼屋我很乐意去那里住一晚你认为乔治会让你在那里再待一晚,把我带过去吗?Oliver: You want me to go back to that house? get it! Wild horses couldnt drag me within 50 miles of that place again!奥利弗:你想让我重回那间屋子?休想!就算是野马也不能把我拽到离那间屋子50英里内的地方原文译文属! 197755武汉共振吸脂价格

孝感市双眼皮多少钱35.Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high;35.在那里,心是无畏的,头也抬得高昂;Where knowledge is free;在那里,知识是自由的;Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls;在那里,世界还没有被狭小的家国的墙隔成片段;Where words come out from the depth of truth;在那里,话是从真理的深处说出;Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection;在那里,不懈的努力向着“完美”伸臂;Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit;在那里,理智的清泉没有沉没在积习的荒漠之中;Where the mind is led ward by thee into ever-widening thought and action---Into that heaven of freedom,my Father, let my country awake.在那里,心灵是受你的指引,走向那不断放宽的思想与行为--进入那自由的天国,我的父呵,让我的国家觉醒起来罢 5武汉韩辰整形美容医院手部松弛怎么样 Karla: You look like youve had a shock.卡拉:你看起来很吃惊的样子Chris: Yeah, that phone call threw me a loop. My ex-girlfriend is pregnant and she wants me to take a paternity test.克里斯:是的,那通电话把我吓了一跳我的前女友怀了,她想让我去做亲子鉴定Karla: Wow, that quite a bombshell. Are you going to do it?卡拉:哇,那可真是一颗重磅炸弹啊你打算这么做吗?Chris: Of course. If the baby is biologically mine, I want to take responsibility it. I wanted to start a family with my ex: get married and have children – the whole shebang. So if the baby is mine, Ill provide child support, no question. I might even fight custody.克里斯:当然如果我是孩子的亲生父亲,就应该承担责任我曾想过与前女友组建一个家庭:结婚生子,共度下半生所以如果孩子是我的,毫无疑问我会赡养他,甚至还有可能去争取抚养权Karla: Really? That astounding. Most guys would be hoping that the baby isnt theirs. What did your ex-girlfriend say when you told her?卡拉:真的吗?真令人吃惊在这种情况下大多数人都会希望孩子不是他们的你这么说了之后她是怎么想的?Chris: She thought I would be outraged or something. Instead, she was the one who was left stunned.克里斯:她原以为我会很气愤结果她反而觉得很吃惊Karla: Im surprised, too. Not many guys would want to have a child without being married.卡拉:我也很惊讶没有多少人愿意没结婚就有小孩Chris: One part of me hopes the baby isnt mine, only because my relationship with my ex-girlfriend is over and I dont want to rekindle it. But Im not getting any younger and another part of me really wants to be a father.克里斯:出于某种原因,我也不希望孩子是我的,毕竟我和她已经分手了,而我也没有打算跟她复合但我也不再年轻了,从这个角度来说,我想成为一个父亲Karla: Well, the DNA test will give you proof, one way or the other. Just cross your fingers...卡拉:好吧,不管怎样,DNA 测试会给你双手合十祈福吧...Chris: I would, but Im not sure which outcome I want more!克里斯:我会的,但我不确定我更想要哪种结果?原文译文属!武汉韩辰医院打美白针

武汉垫鼻子多少钱achievetry to achieveone is trying to achieveget what one is trying to achieveOne of the most dangerous ms of human error is getting what one is trying to achieve.目标试图达到目标一个人试图达到目标忘记自己的试图达到目标是什么人犯错误最危险的一种就是忘记自己的目标是什么error:错误;实用短语:make an error:犯错误;实用例句:Carelessness often leads to errors.粗枝大叶往往造成错误 武汉陆总医院治疗痘痘多少钱随州市激光全身脱毛价格



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