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重庆去雀斑多少钱重庆星辰皮肤美容医院瘦腿针多少钱Today has been declared the women’s “no pay” day. Equality campaign in unions are highlighting the average women working fulltime is paid only 80 percent of what her male counterparts earns per hour. It means when you compare pay packets average women is actually work for nothing from today until the end of the year. Our Money reporter** Are asking about with campaigners. It’s the height of rush our in central London. And as commuters head for the office, campaigners *are handing out leaflets to highlight the gender pay gap which persists despite the fact that the Equal Pay Act was introduced 30 years ago. Now the Fawcett Society which campaigns the equality and the union in Unison who join the forces demand strong actions from governments. They say that action on equal pay is so slow that it will take 80 years for women’s pay to catch up with men’s pay unless something is done. Official statistics show that the average full-time working women earns 17% less per hour than her male equivalent. That means those women are losing out massively earning 4000 ponds less per year than man. They * working for nothing from today to the end of the year. People we are talking to are not impressed.“I think it really just depend on which industry you are in, oh yeah I think it’s disgusting. Things about this must be changed ““Well, personally I believe women are as essentially as men they should be paid equally. ““but they are not ““no, um but should be”“outrageous yeah but women ***prove themselves a little bit more “Well join me now on Bronwyn McKenna from Unison and Katherine Rake from the Fawcett Society. Katherine can I start with you first?. Is it the problem that many women just do different kinds of works and man work part time?”“That’s part of the problem that women are concentrated on different kinds of professions. But we are undervalued on professions for a very long time. It’s a *** Can’t look after our children. So we must in valuation women’s work. And when women do do the same job as men why they don’t just demand equal pay? The law is there ** happens?“The law is there, but one thing is they don’t necessarily know that they are paid unequally. Because we have got very * pay system. It’s very difficult for women to find out whether they have been paid equally. Secondly they know those kind of cases enormous penalty can take many many years**** the penalties are too big. “Bronwyn from what we’ve heard here what do you think the government need to do? Because this situation hasn’t really improved has it?“It hasn’t, the owners has to been good employers It’s owner’s legal responsibility to pay their staff. Employers should be required to order their pay system to be sure their payments are fair. “And Katherine said these cases often take a long time, that’s the case isn’t it?“That’s the case. Unison has the experience that 15 years ago we started to bring claims for women who would deny that suspensions because they were part-time. Many of those cases have to be result women literally died waiting for their cases to be concluded.”Ok, thank you very much for talking to us. Well later today campaigners will be meeting ministers for women Harriet Harman and they will be pressuring on her to revise and strengthen equality legislation in the next parliament. 200805/39913重庆大坪医院点痣多少钱 Plan to Harness Congo River Could Double Electricity Production in Africa世界最大水电工程将提高非洲电力  Seven African governments and some of the world's largest banks and construction firms are meeting in London to plan the biggest hydro-electric power project in the world. Supporters say the billion project on the Congo River could double the amount of electricity available on the African continent.  七个非洲国家的政府和一些世界上最大的及建筑公司在伦敦开会,商讨世界上最大的水电工程项目。持者们说,这项建在刚果河上、耗资八百亿美元的工程也许能把非洲大陆目前的电力生产能力提高一倍。 Half a billion people in sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to electricity. Where it is available, most countries suffer from erratic supplies.  5亿居住在撒哈拉沙漠以南的非洲地区的人得不到电力。即便在很多有电的国家,电力供应也不稳定。The World Energy Council says the power shortage has contributed to continued poverty and underdevelopment across the continent. The Council organized the two-day London meeting to discuss the problem.  世界能源理事会说,缺电是非洲大陆仍旧在贫困和发展不足中挣扎的原因之一。该理事会在伦敦组织了一场为期两天的会议,讨论这一问题。World Energy Council Secretary General Gerald Doucet says one solution is the Inga hydropower project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 世界能源理事会秘书长杜斯特说,解决这一问题的一个办法是刚果民主共和国的英加水电站。"The Congo sits on the biggest energy project in the 21st century, so with our Congo committee and the utilities in the region we have been trying to facilitate the decision making that would allow this project to go forward on a sustainable and affordable basis," said Gerald Doucet. 他说:“刚果正在建设21世纪最大的能源工程,因此,我们一直在利用世界能源理事会刚果委员会和刚果地区的设施协助决策过程,争取让这项工程在可持续和可付的基础上发展下去。”The Inga hydropower project could generate twice as much electricity as the world's largest dam, the Three Gorges in China. It is hoped that millions of Africans would benefit by having access to electricity.  英加水电站的发电量可能是目前世界上最大的水坝--中国三峡大坝的两倍。人们希望数以千万计的非洲人民能够从此获益,过上有电的生活。The World Energy Council says electricity is a bridge to sustainable development and a prerequisite and cornerstone for economic progress, social development, harnessing technological progress and environmental sustainability. 世界能源理事会说,电力不仅是通往可持续发展的桥梁,还是经济发展、社会进步、利用技术创新以及环境可持续性的前提与基石。The London meeting is dicussing the refurbishment of Inga 1 and 2 built in the 1970s but said to be operating under capacity and the development of Inga 3 and Grand Inga hydropower projects.  在伦敦的会议上,与会者讨论整修1970年代建造的英加一号和二号工程,据说这两个工程的能力都没有完全发挥出来。与会者还讨论建造英加三号工程和大英加水电工程。While Inga 1, 2 and 3 would not require any damming, environmentalists have raised concerns over the Grand Inga which would lead to flooding of a valley. Doucet says no people live in the valley and whatever the environmental costs, these would be offset by the benefits of the project.  虽然英加一、二、三号工程都不需要筑坝拦水,但是大英加工程将导致河水把一个山谷淹没,环保人士对此表示关注。世界能源理事会的杜斯特秘书长说,这个山谷中没有居民,而且无论这项工程的环境成本有多高,都能被工程的益处所抵消。Concerns have also been expressed that local people would not benefit from the project. More than 90 percent of Congolese have no access to electricity at the moment.  还有人担心当地居民无法从工程中获益。目前90%多的刚果人用不上电。Doucet allayed those fears by saying the total cost of the project includes transmission costs within the Congo and beyond.  杜斯特的话消除了人们的这些担心。他说,项目的总成本中包括了在刚果国内建立输电线路的费用以及其它费用。"The Congo owes it to its people and will be required in my view by its people to improve the access to electricity in Kinshasa and in the neighboring areas of Inga," he said. "There definitely is a growing desire to use Inga 3 electricity in the Congo itself, not export it." 杜斯特说:“刚果要感谢它的人民,我认为,刚果人民将要求改善金沙萨和英加水电站周边地区的供电状况。人们当然越来越渴望把英加三号工程的电用在刚果,而不是用于出口。”If and when completed, the Grand Inga hydropower project is expected to export power to countries in the region and others as far as Nigeria and Egypt.  如果兴建大英加水电站,那么在这项工程完工时,预计它将能向这一地区的其它国家出口电力,还能向尼日利亚和埃及等国远距离供电。200804/35991Caitlin Friedman and Kimberly Yorio offer advice on being a smart chick-in-charge in their new book: The Girl's Guide to Being a Boss Without Being a Bitch. Yes, we can say that on morning television I've been told. Good morning. Thrill liberating. Good morning to both of you, nice to have you here.Right. Those women need our book. Terrible.Absolutely. Why is it that women when they get into a position of power when they become the boss or become leaders they tend to be viewed as the bitch?Well, we think there's two reasons. The first is, it's really unfair that in the workplace people expect women to be emotionally there for them. It's all, you know, you would never take your personal problems to a male boss, but you, you do take them to a woman boss because women are nurturing just that's what women do.You expect them to understand.Exactly.The issues with their kids or whatever.Right, and the other thing is there haven't been any positive women role, I mean,( there haven't been. ) There are very few positive women role models out there. Especially look all the movies, they say you know, woman are just crazy lunatics when they get a little power and so we try to do in the book is show people how to do it a little bit better.And we'll get to some of that in a minute but why, why are the roles so different, Caitlin, for men and women when they do become the boss?Well, I think like Kim said(Kim, short for Kimberly), I think it really has to do with the lack of role models. I mean, when we were growing up and coming into the professional environment. We had really tough women bosses but they had learnt from men. So we think that women need to be able to manage, the way they are comfortable in managing.What's number one, number one mistake women are making?I think the number one mistake women are making is that they're, they're trying to do something the way that's not comfortable for them. You know, you, you really need to be firm and fair. You need to know what your employees need from you before you just sort of like set out these blanket things. The other thing is, I think, that if you are emotional once in a workplace, our favorite "Sex and the City" is when Charlotte cries, you know(And then she is the crier from then on)(Charlotte is a crier) She cried once in ten years. And that's what happens to women, you know, they get stuck with these bad raps and we think that, you know, what you need to do is really try to be as firm and fair as possible.Is there no place for emotion than in a workplace?Well, we don't think there is. (No) I mean we think that you can be yourself, which is, you know, kind and supportive, warm and giving, but not, you know, crying and screaming. (temptation) beating people, I mean, how many women did we interview for this book and they all said oh this woman screamed at me and threw something at me.Wait, we have one crazy story that didn't make it into the book. A woman, a woman said that she was a publicist and she...the owner of company's assistant was gaining weight. So she brought a scale into work and put it in her office and said, oh I don't think that you've noticed how much weight you are gaining so I brought you this scale. I mean that figure is just nuts...Wow,(that sounds crazy). so let's, let's talk about practical advice. How women can avoid some of these, beat these bad behaviors that will keep them from being labeled a bitch. First you say the bad boss behavior-insecurities rule. I mean do women when they become the boss, do they tend to not really feel it right way?What kind of ....?I think a lot of women are uncomfortable with leadership positions. I mean, men too, but I think that women in particular and that can bring insecurity.Gender discrimination. Do, do women tend to favor men in a workplace?Yeah, unfortunately, we think that there is definitely internalized sexism that goes on. I mean we come from publishing and even they, male assistants would get sort of more floor time during meetings. We think that we really want...Why is that? I mean why can't women relate with their co-workers or if they're the boss and, and why can't they, you know, just give them the power they need?Well, we are not sure why, but we think it'll change. You know, we think that with books like this, and with the fact that, you know, more women are in a workplace everyday that it will change because there's just, I mean, just by sheer numbers.So, some keys to being a better manager, you say, provide clear vision, support your staff, be a mentor.Absolutely. We, we really think it's...the, the women's responsibility when they are in leadership positions to be more mentor than manager.We could talk about this all day because a lot of us have worked with women and they're just interested in how it starts. Everybody has a story.Caitlin Friedman and Kimberly Yorio, again, thanks so much for the great advice(thank you so much). And you can an excerpt from The Girl's Guide to Being a Boss on our website at today.msnbc.com. 200809/48544重庆星宸医疗美容门诊部激光脱毛多少钱

四川省双眼皮多少钱Indian Stock Markets Continue to Plunge Despite Central Bank Assurance of More Liquidity印度股市暴跌 达三年来最低点  India's stock markets have plunged to a three-year low despite assurances by top officials that Asia's third largest economy can be cushioned from the global economic turmoil. The Central Bank is infusing more liquidity in the financial system in a bid to restore confidence.尽管印度高级官员表示,印度经济能够抵御住全球金融市场动荡的冲击,但是这个亚洲第三大经济体的股市仍然暴跌到三年来的最低点。为了恢复市场信心,印度央行正在向金融系统注入流动资金。The Mumbai stock index, the Sensex, plunged by 800 points Friday, bringing it down to 10,527 points. The losses since Monday piled up to more than 16 percent, making it the worst week in the history of Indian stock markets. 星期五,孟买股指SENSEX狂泄八百点,降到一万零527点。自从星期一以来,该指数已经下跌了16%。这是印度股市历史上表现最差的一周。The stock market slide continued despite an announcement by the Central Bank that it will make an additional billion of credit available to ensure that there is no liquidity crisis in the financial system. 尽管印度央行宣布将向金融系统注入120亿美元的信贷资金,以求避免发生流动性危机,但是此举没能挽救股市的下挫。But neither the Central Bank's move, nor reassuring statements by the government convinced investors that India will remain immune from the global financial crisis. 印度央行的救市行动和政府发出的安抚市场声明都无法让投资者相信,印度可以在这场全球性的金融危机中独善其身。Finance Minister P. Chidambaram says the Indian financial system is stable, and has the resilience to weather the storm blowing across the world. 印度财长奇丹巴兰姆说,印度的金融体系是稳固的,并且有足够的弹性挺过这场全球金融风暴。He says liquidity conditions have tightened, but the government will ensure that there is enough credit to support economic growth. 他说,尽管流动性出现紧缩,但是政府会确保市场上有足够的信贷撑经济增长。"We will watch the situation carefully and continuously and respond swiftly to the needs of the market," Chidambaram said. "Steps will be taken to infuse more liquidity if required." 他说:“我们将谨慎地、持续地关注局势,并对市场需要做出迅速反应。如果确有需要,我们将采取措施注入更多流动性。”The finance minister also gave assurances that India's banking system is sound, and well regulated. 印度财长同时还表示,印度的系统状况良好,并且受到有效监管。Banking stocks have been falling heavily since the global financial turmoil began to unravel. 尽管如此,全球金融危机爆发以来,印度股遭受重创。The worst-hit is India's largest private sector bank, ICICI, whose shares fell by more than 20 percent Friday. But its head, Chanda Kocchar says that the bank faces no problems. 印度最大的私营ICICI损失最为惨重。这家股价星期五下跌幅度超过20%。不过,行长昌达.科查尔表示,他的没有什么问题。"We have adequate liquidity given the current condition, and even in our international operations we have sufficient liquidity," Kocchar said.科查尔说:“在目前的局势下,我们的流动性是充足的。即使是在我们的国际业务这一块,流动性也很充足。”Traders say the Indian stock market is reflecting the panic around the globe. Heavy selling by foreign investors is adding to the gloom. Foreign investors have sold shares worth nearly billion this week, taking the total outflow this year to billion.交易商们说,印度股市反映出蔓延全球的恐慌情绪。外国投资者的抛售加剧了这种恐慌。在印度股市上,外国投资者本星期销售了大约十亿美元的股票。今年以来,撤出印度股市的外国资本总值已经高达50亿美元。That has put pressure on the Indian rupee, which has fallen to a six-year low against the dollar.股市的抛售狂潮给印度卢比带来压力。目前,卢比对美元已经贬值到六年来最低点。In addition there are worries that although the country's financial system may ride out the global turmoil, the economy will not be able to sustain high growth as major world economies head toward a recession.还有一种担心是尽管印度的金融体系或许有能力挺过这场金融风暴,但是由于世界主要经济体正在滑向衰退,印度经济将无法保持高速增长。200810/52534重庆激光脱毛价格表 to cut it out ———— 住手(非正式)英文释义 (INFORMAL) An order to stop doing what you are doing.例句 My son was teasing his sister all morning, and when she started crying,I told him to cut it out.我儿子整个上午都在逗他玩,当开始哭时,我让他住手。 /201607/455742黄氏星宸割双眼皮手术多少钱

重庆星辰整形医院激光去红血丝多少钱South Korean Foreign Minister says Nuclear Talks with North at Risk韩国:北韩恢复核活动只导致孤立 South Korea's chief diplomat says a diplomatic process aimed at getting rid of North Korea's nuclear weapons is at risk if Pyongyang continues on its current path. The North's moves to resume activity at its main nuclear reactor could end up isolating and impoverishing the country even further.韩国外交通商部长官说,平壤如果继续一意孤行,将威胁到解除北韩核武器项目的外交进程。北韩恢复其主要核反应堆的核活动只能导致北韩进一步孤立和贫困。South Korean Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan said Friday North Korea is putting at risk the diplomatic effort that has been some five years in the making.韩国外交通商部长官柳明桓星期五表示,北韩把各方已经为之努力了5 年左右的外交努力置于危险之中。Referring to a six-nation talks process aimed at ending North Korea's nuclear weapons, Yu says we are in a difficult situation where we may have to return to square one.柳明桓在谈到为解除北韩核武器的六方会谈时说,我们的处境困难,恐怕不得不回到起点。Since 2003, South Korea has joined the ed States, Russia, China, and Japan in offering the North incentives to end its nuclear weapons programs. North Korea signed an agreement last year to declare those programs and began disabling its main nuclear facility at Yongbyon, with much broader disarmament steps to come in the future.自从2003年以来,韩国跟美国、俄罗斯、中国和日本一起向北韩提出结束其核项目,以换取奖励的提议。北韩去年签署一项协议,同意公布其核项目清单、开始拆除在宁边的主要核反应堆,并且将在未来采取更广泛的裁军步骤。However, this month North Korea said it was in the process of restarting Yongbyon, and it ejected international inspectors and their surveillance equipment from the plant's reprocessing facility. 可是,北韩上个月说,北韩正在重新启动宁边的核反应堆,并拒绝让国际核查人员和他们的检查设备进入核燃料再加工基地。Foreign Minister Yu says the North's actions may have a political angle.韩国外交通商部长官柳明桓说,北韩的行动也许有其政治动机。He says it is possible that the North's decision to reverse its disablement is a strategy linked to the upcoming U.S. presidential election.他说,北韩停止拆除核设施走回头路的决定有可能跟即将举行的美国总统大选有战略联系。Michael Green is a former national security advisor to President Bush, and is now affiliated with Republican presidential candidate John McCain.迈克尔·格林曾经担任布什总统的国家安全顾问,现在加入了共和党总统候选人约翰·麦凯恩的竞选班子。He told a forum in Seoul Friday he thinks it is very unlikely there will be progress in the six nation talks until the U.S. election is resolved. He also says there is a good chance North Korea is considering steps to take to try to raise its bargaining leverage with the new administration.星期五他在首尔的一个论坛会议上说,他认为在美国总统结束之前,六方会谈不大可能取得进展。他还说,北韩很可能正在考虑采取行动,以图增加跟美国新政府的谈判筹码。"Incrementally they may try to move toward reprocessing of the remaining spent fuel rods... and they may also try rebuilding their five megawatt reactor and other facilities. And I believe we should signal to them very clearly that if they go down that path... the situation for them will be worse," he said.格林说:“他们可能逐步采取行动,再加工遗留下来的已用燃料棒,他们还可能重建五兆瓦反应堆和其他设施。我认为我们应该向北韩发出明确信号,如果他们执迷不悟,后果将会更糟糕。”North Korea tested a nuclear weapon two years ago, causing unanimous support for a strict sanctions resolution at the ed Nations. Green points out the international community has not seriously implemented the resolution, because the North returned to talks. He says that could change, if North Korea continues to reverse its nuclear promises.北韩两年前进行了一次核武器实验,引发各国一致持联合国对北韩实施严厉制裁。格林说,国际社会并没有认真执行制裁北韩的决议,原因是北韩后来重返六方会谈。他说,如果北韩坚持不肯兑现其核承诺,局势恐怕会发生变化。200809/50735 重庆市星辰整形美容医院做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱四川重庆星宸医院激光去痣多少钱



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